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Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

Is Remotasks a legitimate job site or is it just one of those fraudulent work platforms? Can I actually earn through with Remotasks?

With so many scams mushrooming online, it’s always well-advised to conduct due diligence.

So, in reply to your question, yes, Remotasks is a legitimate site. It is a website that provides opportunities for you to earn extra money on the side. 

At a pay rate that averages between USD 1-2 hourly, you will be asked to perform and complete simple tasks such as audio file transcription, image annotation, research, content moderation, and product categorization.

Is using Remotasks gainful for employment? 

This is what you will be able to answer at the end of this review. 

First, I will explain to you the process by which Remotasks functions as a micro-tasking website, and then, I’ll provide a rundown of its advantages and disadvantages. 

Based on these, you’ll be able to figure whether Remotasks is worth your time and effort.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

Remotasks is a micro-tasking job site that pays its users to do a variety of assignments online. It is comparable to sites such as Upwork, GigBucks, Amazon Turk, and other job sites that employ you for a simple task at an agreed rate, either on an hourly or per-assignment basis. Question is: Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

The distinct characteristic of Remotask is that the assignments are mostly elementary that it does not take long for the tasker to accomplish it. Naturally, because the tasks are quite easy to do and take only a little time to finish, the pay is also not much.

This said, the assignments that will be given to you are not big-ticket contracts but more like side hustles.

What tasks will then be assigned to you? These depend on what you’re excellent or interested in. Some of the common assignments may be classified into the following categories:

  1. Audio File Transcription
  2. Image Annotation
  3. Data Gathering
  4. Product, Service, or Data Comparison
  5. Product, Service, or Data Categorization

To be given access to each of this classification, you will be made first to undergo a test. This is to determine if you are the right match for the task.

The best thing about this is that the tests are not that hard to pass, and so, you can access as many categories as you can give.

Since the tasks are quite simple to do, which robots cannot yet accomplish, you do not often need relevant experience. For instance, once it does not require prior experience in classifying shirts according to design, pattern, or colour. You only need common logic. Another task is encircling or boxing specific objects in images to determine their respective locations. These tasks are quite elementary and shouldn’t require professional experience.

The more tasks you complete, the higher the likelihood of being given advanced tasks such as audio or OCR transcription which will require typing skills and English fluency.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks AFter Company Background?

The name, Remotasks, originated from the contraction of the words, “remote” and “tasks.” 

The company was established in 2017 and is owned by Scale AI, Inc. To search for the latter, just type in

Scale AI, Inc. is involved in the artificial intelligence business and is based in San Francisco, USA. The company’s applications are used to operate drones, cars, and robots, and collaborates with larges brands such as Samsung, Uber, and Airbnb.

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I believe that Remotasks’ being affiliated with a firm like Scale, which is trusted by big and established brands and is, by itself, a respected and legitimate brand in the AI industry, is an affirmative vote to its legitimacy compared to other similar micro job sites.

Getting Started with Remotasks

To apply in Remotasks, you first need to sign up, which is free. Then, you’ll be asked to complete initial training to access classified tasks, accept assignments, and get paid after completion, which is within a week. Payment is made through PayPal, so obviously, you’ve also got to have a PayPal account which is quite straightforward and quick to accomplish.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks? So basically, the process is outlined as follows:

  1. Create a Remotasks account – for free.
  2. Go to the Training Center and take the necessary exam/s. 

Of course, you have to pass the exam for every category you wish to access, which is natural.

  1. Choose the task you wish to perform and complete it.
  2. Getting paid within the week.

Create a Remotasks Account

Creating an account in Remotasks is cost-free and pretty straightforward. First, you go to and open a free account using Facebook. They will require you to disclose your mobile number so that they can send a text message with your code, which you will enter to verify your Remotasks account.

You’ll know that you’ve successfully created your account when you see a “Welcome to Remotasks” page where the succeeding steps in the process are outlined. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a highlighted portion that enables you to move forward to the training centre.

Take and Pass the Exam at the Training Center

After you successfully created your Remotasks account, you’ll be able to then proceed to the training centre by clicking on the “Go to Training Center” button at the bottom of the welcome page. Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks after i pass the training?

At the Training Center page, you will be able to find the training that matches a specific work category. Of course, your purpose here is to pick whatever discipline is needed for your preferred task. As soon as you complete the necessary training, you’ll then be able to unlock the job. 

As I earlier mentioned, there’s no need to fret as these training are quite simple and are easy to accomplish. They will provide you with three chances to complete it.

These trainings are done just to ensure that you are a suitable match for the task. My advice is that just abide by the instructions and you’ll do just fine.

Choose and Complete the Task

As soon as you’ve accomplished and passed the required training, you’ll now be given access to your chosen assignment. 

If you wish to perform other tasks, all you need to do is take the training for these. The more pieces of training you pass the more access you’ll be given to the respective work categories.

For instance, if you wish to do image annotation, just accomplish the required training for it, and if you want to earn more, you can undergo advanced task training such as LIDAR annotation which provides a higher rate.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

Whichever classification you choose, there are usually six subcategories of each.

If you accomplish all the training, you will be given access to all the tasks on the site.

Get Paid for Accomplished Task

Remotasks usually sends you payment for accomplished tasks within seven days through your PayPal account. The countdown starts on the date of acceptance for submitted work. The key here is acceptance for turned-in completed tasks. Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks after i accomplished tasks?

This means that you need to submit quality work according to Remotasks’ set standards. This is to ensure that you are not doing a haphazard job just to get paid, which is only fair.

So, as long as you perform your assignment properly and according to your contract agreement, you can expect to be justly compensated.

This is the reason why you were asked to pass the exams in the first place so that they can filter those who cannot accomplish the task according to their requirement. The acceptance phase is just a step to ensure that the task is performed properly according to quality expectation.

Earning Potential with Remotasks

This all depends on how many tasks you are able to accomplish and submit in a week.

On average, you can expect to get paid between USD 1-2 per hour or USD 10-15 per day if you are turning in work on a regular basis. 

Frankly speaking, this isn’t much, but the task isn’t complicated either. In comparison to other similar sites, some may say that you can actually earn higher with Remotasks, but I believe it is just like any micro-tasking site which rarely pays higher than the standard rates.

The reason for this is simple, and it all boils down to the law of supply and demand. But you still wonder Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

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If you are accomplishing a task that almost anyone can perform, which means a job that does not require special skills, there’s more competition. Naturally, employers can afford to lower their pay scale.

This is why advanced level tasks such as LIDAR annotation pays higher than usual because it requires a bit more skill and time to accomplish.

Another important thing to remember in accomplishing your task is that the higher your accuracy vis-à-vis their standard, the higher the pay. In other words, the more effort you put into your work, the higher the likelihood that you’ll be able to hit a 100% accuracy rate, and the higher your earnings. So, it does pay to take your assignment seriously.

If you ask if you can cheat Remotasks, the answer is no.

You can try, but again, the lower this firm is affiliated with one of, the more known brands in the universe of automation and artificial intelligence, so I am sure that they have systems in place to address this potential breach.

Also, if you get caught, it might not go well for your record with the company. It may even result in lost or diminished compensation, which would be tragic for someone who wants to earn gainfully.

If gainful employment is what you wish with Remotasks, I suggest you accomplish as many pieces of training as you can, complete and submit as many tasks as possible, and strive for excellent work quality. To further top up your income stream, you can also join other similar micro-tasking sites and survey sites.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks Over Training Boot Camp

What is Remotasks’ In-Person Training Bootcamp? This is a ten-day workshop that is organized in various parts of the world.

You can apply for this workshop, and if you succeed, you will be given the opportunity to take advanced lessons and perform corresponding level tasks. Some successful applicants have gone on to be part of the group that works on self-drive automobiles, which is awesome.

This possibility communicates Remotasks’ commitment to provide its taskers opportunities to acquire and hone more skills, earn more, and become collaborators in its innovative programs.

If you’re interested in tapping this, go to the Remotasks website and click on the corresponding link on its FAQ portion. As soon as you click on it, you’ll be transported to the Training Bootcamp application page. Accomplish according to the instructions and submit.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks Referral Program

Most of you may not know this, but there is, in fact, another way to earn with Remotasks. It is through its Referral Program.

As soon as you become a Remotask account holder, you can start referring Remotasks to other people who might be interested in joining, such as yourself. You can earn USD 5 for every successful referral. Best of all, not only will you earn USD 5, but also your successful referral gets to earn the same amount as well. This makes getting a successful referral much easier, don’t you think?

So, this aspect makes it comparable to affiliate marketing where you get to be paid by promoting a product or service through your affiliate website. The difference, however, is that, instead of getting paid commissions for every sales conversion, you are paid commissions for every successful referral you make. By this, I mean the person you refer to Remotasks successfully creates a free account with them.

I, myself, run an affiliate marketing website so I can definitely attest that a five-dollar referral fee is relatively substantial. If you are good at referring people, you can actually earn a considerable amount just by regularly doing it. However, if you want a steady stream, you might have to treat it like a business occupation, and like one, expect to invest time and effort to gainfully earn from it.

Sure, you may be able to successfully refer family and friends, but you’ve got to go beyond your comfort zone, just like what one does in affiliate marketing, in order to earn big.

So, Is Remotasks a Legitimate Income-Earning Platform?

Definitely, it’s not a scam but a legal entity that provides flexible income opportunities, especially to those who are home-based.

Plus, it is affiliated with a US firm, Scale AI, Inc., which is a well-established name in the artificial intelligence industry. So, you can rest easy, knowing that they do not take advantage of its employees and users, and in fact, treat them fairly and properly.

I did reviews on a lot of online websites that are scams, especially those involved in the work-at-home niche. It’s probably because there is a real demand for it, but there seems to be a lot of them sprouting all over the web. After being exposed to them for a long while, it becomes easier for me to distinguish which websites are frauds and which ones are not.

So, after having reviewed Remotasks, I’m glad to confirm that it is legitimate. It may not be one of the ways to generate a gainful income, but it is, at least, a legit platform by which to earn extra money.

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One thing I do like and appreciate about Remotasks is that it does not overpromise which I can say, after all the online scams I’ve been exposed to, is an indicator of a trustworthy site. Other sites, which may not be scams in the real sense of the work, tend to hype up itself but fall short in delivery. Remotasks isn’t one of those.

Advantages of Remotasks

  1. It is a legitimate job site, supported by a trustworthy and established US-based firm.
  2. They are prompt and reliable when it comes to compensation.
  3. They treat their users well and provide them with opportunities to grow, such as access to advanced level training which enables higher income potential.
  4. They are open to anyone (from any part of the world) who fits their requirement.
  5. They provide income opportunities to those who are home-based.
  6. Requirements are not hard to meet. The highest is having fluency in English, access to a mobile wifi-enabled device with a RAM capacity minimum of 4G.
  7. Payment is easily made weekly via PayPal, with which anyone can easily open an account.
  8. By participating in and completing Remotasks’ in-person training boot camp, the user is able to become part of a larger and innovation-driven project.

Disadvantages of Remotasks

  1. Pay is not much at USD 1-2 an hour, like most micro-tasking sites.
  2. Although not often, there is a possibility that you won’t get paid or you will get paid less when you commit many errors in your work or if your accuracy is low according to their agreed standards.
  3. Payment is only through PayPal, which may not be accessible by everyone in the world.
  4. The task may become monotonous, repetitive, and dull.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks In Summary

You do not always come across a legitimate work platform such as Remotasks, which means that there isn’t always going to be legit sites such as this that do not hype itself up and fall short on pay or promise.

With Remotasks, you get what you’re told and paid at the agreed price and requirement.

So, if you were to ask me about all the micro-tasking websites that I’ve so far come across, I’d say that Remotasks is the one I would recommend to you. If you’re up to earning extra money by putting a few minutes of your time wherever you find yourself available, then this is the one for you.

Having said all that, I do not recommend Remotasks, though, if you’re looking for gainful employment. Look elsewhere if you’re expecting to earn more than USD 2 per hour, on average.

Work platforms such as this do not usually provide substantial income, but if you’re only looking for a side hustle that’s easy to juggle in between job breaks, this is the place to look.

All you need is to sign up, complete the training, and then you can start earning after completing and submitting good quality work.

For higher-paying online hustles, you can consider affiliate marketing or other similar ways. Whatever you’re looking for at this point in time, though, I hope this review has helped you make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remotasks?

It is a micro-tasking website that enables you to earn after completing simple tasks such as image annotation, product or service categorization, or an audio transcription.

How do I get started with Remotasks?

    All you need is to create a free account with them, accomplish initial training that corresponds to a specific preferred task, pass it, and then, you can start performing the required task. After completing and submitting the task according to agreed contract terms, expect to get paid within the week.

Can I Actually Earn With Remotasks?

    On average, you can earn USD 1-2 an hour although it can increase depending on how many tasks you can complete, what level of skill is required per task, and how accurate the quality is of your submitted work.

    How can I create a free account with Remotasks?

To create a free account, you need to sign up with Remotask at their website. To do this, you’ll need a Facebook account, which you’ll loop into your sign-up.

Is Remotasks a legitimate work platform?

Yes. Remotasks is 100% legitimate and is backed by a solid and innovative US-based firm that is engaged in the artificial intelligence industry.

Some of you may be unaware of this, but there are a lot of people who do not get to actually earn income through online sites such as this. 

Why so? It’s because there are a lot of scams, hyped-up claims, and pseudo-experts out there that profess methods that don’t actually deliver. I know you’d think I’m pessimistic, but this is actually a hard fact of online life. 

On a positive note, though, there is one way, that I’ve tried and tested to be effective, in generating a sustainable and substantial income stream. It is attainable by you or anyone who is willing to put in extra work and persevere. 

I can attest to it because I once started where you are now and have taken off to achieve my six-figure income goal with this four-step process. You too can do it! Here’s how. 

If you want to try it, click here to register.

Also, be sure to check Super Affiliate System we reviewed few days ago!

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