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Custom Keto Diet: How to Make it Fit Your Needs

cUSTOM keto diet review

All those trying to lose weight will be familiar with the custom keto diet. It’s considered one of the most well-known ways of losing weight globally. 

It could harm you without seeking expert help because they customize this keto diet according to your lifestyle. That’s what we will explore in today’s conversation; stay tuned! 

Before moving towards its deep view, you need to have some basic information about the keto diet and how its experts make it customize for you, have a look!

What is Custom Keto Diet? 

It's a different diet approach than the rest of the diet plans, based on low carbs, high fat, and moderate protein. The plan is to get calories from fat and protein.    

Another interesting fact is that you cut all the easy-to-digest carbs, but the worst is they are highly health-affecting and make you obese quickly. 

“Low carbs intake force your body to use stored fat for its normal functioning, that's how fats become your primary caloric source rather than glucose, and the process is known as ketosis.”

Let’s make things more specific to you! 

Carbs5 – 10% 
Fats 60 – 80% caloric replacement 
Protein 10 – 30% 

All of you need to remember all the above percentages and your nutrition experts will always keep it in mind while designing your custom keto diet.

Many of you wonder how a custom keto diet plan could be vital to achieving your goals. But trust me; the results will be shocking when you are on this. Let's explore its types!


Types of  Keto Diet

You may hear this name in different ways, like “keto-ish” or low-carb diet, and the funniest thing is they used to describe high carbs intake in their custom keto diet reviews. 

But the reality is entirely different because all keto diets are based on low carbs and high fats along with moderate protein, as mentioned above. Atkins and South Beac diets are the well-recognized types of the keto diet.       

Note: In ketosis, you must avoid high protein intake because it could interfere with ketosis.

Keto Supportive Foods

You can use all of these foods while using the keto diet because of the quantity of the low carbs which you need the most to get slim. We have mentioned their nutritional facts, too, for your better understanding.

Have a look! 

Fatty Fish Mackerel and Salmon
Eggs Organic and pure protein
Meat Bison, Pork, and Beef.
Poultry Turkey and Chicken
Nuts and Seeds Peanuts, Walnuts, Almonds 
Full-Fat DairyCream, Yogurt, and butter 
AvocadoesBest to use in your meals and snacks
Nut Butter Cashew butter, Peanut, Almonds
Full-fat chees Cream cheese, Brie, Cheddar, Goat Chees 
Non-starchy vegetableMushrooms, Broccoli, Peppers, and Tomatoes
CondimentsSalt, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Fresh Herbs
Healthy FatsSesame oil, Olive oil

One of the best things is all of these foods as mentioned above are entirely organic. You can use any of them accordingly in your custom keto plans.  

Importance Of Creating Your Own Keto Plan 

We know that you are too busy in your life and don’t have enough time to make some recipes and special cooking for yourself.

Then how will you maintain a healthy lifestyle along with your busy routine? Exactly that’s how it's hard to solve this query; that is the exact reason behind introducing a custom keto diet for this kind of life. 

Switching to a keto diet seems overwhelming, but it isn’t as hard to follow as you think. If it’s planned according to your life routine and your favorite foods will be adjusted accordingly, things might be interesting. 

All you need to do is reduce your carbs intake and increase healthy fats and protein. All the following benefits will be better enough to understand why you need a custom keto diet plan. 

Benefits of Having a Custom Keto Diet Plan

It isn’t fixed that all of you may achieve the same results by following a keto diet, but that will be a rare case because it's scientifically proven that it can help you lose weight. Let’s get it done! 

Weight Loss

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Obesity is becoming a global issue, and every third person suffers from weight. The Keto diet is the most effective way to lose weight because of the low-carb intake. 

When your body is in low carbs mood, there will be a single option for your body to get calories for its normal functioning, which will be the fat you are intaking and the rest of the stored one too.

Another interesting factor is you only need to cut off all those foods which have easy-to-digest carbs like soda, cock, backed foods, etc. 

Note: It isn’t fixed that the keto diet will be helpful for everyone. There are so many rests of the factors that you need to follow. Because people are suffering from health diseases like cardiovascular issues, things might be harmful to you. 

Decrease Your Blood Sugar

Low carbs diet let your pancreas release low insulin, which could be a plus point in controlling your blood sugar. That's how it could be helpful for all those suffering from diabetes, prediabetes, and the rest of the blood sugar issues. 

Decrease Hunger

Many of you have experienced different weight loss diet plans in which you need to starve yourself, and that’s the worst thing you do with yourself. 

Although many of you have read custom keto diet reviews and know very well that keto is all about lowering the carbs intake and increasing healthy fats intake along with moderate protein and fats may never make you feel starved or hungry.

Amazing right? You are on a diet and still aren’t facing any kind of extreme hunger.   

Health Conditions That Can Be Recovered With Keto

By using this custom keto diet, you may also be able to diagnose serious health issues. 

  • Diabetes 
  • Glycogen Storage Disease
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Parkinson's' Disease 

We think nothing could be better than this; you will keep losing weight along with curing all of these diseases. That's why all health experts prefer a keto diet for losing weight. 

Does Keto Diet Work?

Yes, as we have mentioned above that it's scientifically proven that the keto diet works. But it may vary from person to person, and you can seek help from any health expert for that confusion. 

Do you need to analyze your body first to see how it responds by cutting carbs? And the second condition is if you are facing any health problem, it could be a harmful option. But with consistency and the right guidance, you can achieve your goals. 

custom keto diet

How to Make Your Own Custom Keto Diet Plan? 

We are damn sure many of you will be thinking of making your keto diet plan. That could be because of the short time you have to focus on your health. 

Life is too busy in the current period, and no one has enough time to cook; that’s the key factor behind these custom keto diet plans.  

It’s very simple, but you must ensure all these points mentioned above to make it worth using. Let’s get it done!

Analyze Your Body Condition

Your body analysis is one of the key factors which will let you get familiar with your body that what you need, and how your body reacts to different foods. 

The second and most important one is you need to make sure if you are suffering from any heart disease, then you need to consult with an expert because you need a special focus to make sure the foods you are selecting to eat will be health friendly.

Choose Keto-Friendly Foods 

Only those foods will be preferable for you which are low in carbs are because the purpose is to get calories from fats only. Your body will use all the stored fats to take calories for normal functioning.

Ensure that all foods in your diet should be keto friendly.

Another thing is if you have an allergy or any other issue with foods included in your plan, then just remove all of them because they would be harmful to you.   

Consult With An Expert If It’s Confusing.

Most of the time, we try our best to make the entire plan by ourselves, but things aren’t that easy to understand, so at that moment, you need to consult with any health expert to resolve all of those confusions and issues because it's about health. Health is a precious gift of God; that's why there is no leverage. 

If you have any disease, you also need to meet with your doctor to discuss this and finalize which is important for you and which isn’t.   

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Regular Change in Your Plan 

That's the most common mistake that many of you perform while on keto, they take it as the only plan for all time but the reality is different. 

After a few weeks, you need to analyze if things are going smoothly or not. Because most of the time, we keep following the same routine, although its impact keeps damaging our bodies. 

That’s why you need to take a complete root analysis of how things are going after a few months or weeks. And change things accordingly, and you can also replace some foods with others but make sure that all those will have low carbs.

Note: If your body is showing bad results because of this keto diet, consult your doctor and make changes if required. Especially for all of those people who are suffering from cardiovascular disease, this high fat could be harmful to their health, and the chances of cardiac arrest may increase; that’s why take even a bit of change very seriously and do all of the required precautions.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custom Keto Diet

Many of you will be confused with the normal and custom keto diet plans. All of you are busy and don’t have enough time to focus on your health, and when experts arrange all of your favorite foods, not high carbs-containing ones, in a simple way that you can follow without spending your extra time making special recipes called the custom keto diet.     

How Much Does a Custom Keto Diet Cost? 

There isn’t anything fixed about the pricing of these diet plans, but there could be a major difference when it may go for many weeks from a few days. 

Because for many days, you need to calculate all the nutrient intake and the rest of the things, which isn’t a piece of cake. That's why the prices may vary, but you don’t need to worry about it because they are easy to afford.                

Is Custom Keto Diet Free?

Yes, there isn’t anything difficult to understand for all of you; first, you need to have a basic idea about the keto diet, and you can also read custom keto diet reviews for a better understanding.

Then you can set a low-carb diet routine according to your life routine. This isn’t compulsory for you to add some recipes that need special cooking time. You can also go with the easy-to-follow kind of diet chart. 

You can have a free custom keto diet plan according to your lifestyle. But we suggest you seek help from fitness experts because they will study your body and how it responds to different foods. That’s how they analyze which food should be part of your diet and which isn’t.   

Is the Custom Keto Diet Legit?

Yes, a keto diet is globally famous and scientifically proven too. It’s quite different from the rest of the diet plans because of the low carbs, high fats, and moderate protein intake. 

You have already heard about this kind of diet in which you put your body in a caloric deficit condition. In simple words, you minimize the calorie intake and let the body use that stored fat for calories which causes weight loss in the end.  

How to Lose Weight With Keto Diet? 

It’s very simple to understand when you put your body on low carbs, high fats, and moderate protein intake, the primary source of calories will be fats. 

Can you believe by following this keto diet consistently, you can lose upto one to two pounds per week? Yes, that’s already proven by many health experts. Have you observed why all health experts use this keto diet to lose weight for all clients? Because it works; another interesting fact is that the keto diet may eliminate many life-threatening health issues. 

Keto diet


Keto diet is globally well known for many reasons which we have explored and elaborated in detail above for your better understanding. A custom keto diet may also help you in curing many health issues along with weight loss. 

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You can also choose any of the above-mentioned keto-friendly foods to make your meals easier to follow. We haven’t mentioned any of the special recipes for you to follow. 

Because customize plan isn’t about making recipes it's all about caring for your health along with your busy life routine. 

If you are facing any health issues we would suggest you see any of the health experts who will arrange all of your keto meals by keeping your health condition in his mind. We haven’t left any stone unturned to make this conversation fruitful for you. Stay healthy and be happy. 

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