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Custom Keto Diet Review

Rachel Roberts is the fitness expert who introduced custom keto diet to the internet. She says that she offers an individualized diet plan unique to respective people. She says it is in dire contrast to diet plans you see online that basically lie and make promises of making you fit; promises that never come to pass. The custom keto diet is indeed different as it employs a unique approach to help people get fit and into their fantasy body!

Personally, I was introduced to the idea of custom keto diet by a friend who lost an impressive amount of weight in a relatively short time. When I asked her how she did it, she credited it to a diet she had found online. She told me that she didn’t just lose weight, she also felt fit than she could remember feeling. I took her word for it as we are very close friends; I bought the product she advised. In four weeks, I can only be but grateful to her for sharing her secret with me; the results are incredible! I am more than excited to share my experience with people like me who have been faced with discomfort of their undesired weight for a long time.

Basically, the diet targets stubborn fat that usually sit in the thighs and abdomen. If you’re patient as you need to be, you will definitely see results. As time passes, it gets easier and you’ll see more intense results even faster.


What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Keto is the biological process that sends the body into a fat-burning mode. This mode is referred to as ketosis. It breaks down the ketones or stored fats in the body and uses them as fuel. The human body typically uses carbohydrates as fuel and stores any excesses as fats. Now, since most of us eat excess carbs daily, we tend to have some stored as fat; the ultimate cause of weight gain.

A keto diet helps you reach the ketosis stage much quicker than you normally would. Many people understand the idea behind a low-fat diet but are unaware of the effectiveness of a high-fat diet. The high-fat diet keeps the body full for longer with enough fuel to burn the annoying fats.

Why can’t I make my Keto Diet Plan?

Most people who embark slowly give up on it and even end up gaining more weight. The reason for this is that most people do not have a set plan. A keto diet should be low in carb, high in protein and fat. Most of our diet foods are in contrast to this; they are high in carbs and low in fat.

We must consume carbohydrates but only in accordance with the individual needs of our respective bodies. Fats are key in triggering ketosis. The custom keto diet that Rachel Roberts introduced ensures that you get all the major food groups needed to support ketosis, in the right amounts.

How to Start Keto Diet?

If you choose to start a keto diet, it is always best to take the help of a trusted professional who can guide you through it. There are many people who begin a keto diet and quit when they don’t see results in a few days. Patience is important as it takes time to reach the ketosis stage. If we’re to judge based on people’s reviews, custom keto diet can often see results in a few days.

How a Custom Keto Diet helps with Ketosis

The custom keto diet introduced by Rachel Robert provides a keto plan that factors in the individual goals and needs of its users. That said, it is important to note that the individual goals and needs must be known understood before even knowing the plan. These individual details to be kept in mind include calorie intake, food preferences, activity levels, goals, among others.

What is a Custom Keto Diet?

Anyone who uses a custom keto diet can give a satisfying explanation of what it is: a way that helps you have a program designed to suit your body. On taking a quiz, you are presented with an 8-week keto diet plan which is designed according to your unique body type and then verified with the use of verified studies and logical investigations.

Recent studies have showed that people make mistakes in their bid to stick to diet plans. The mistakes are mostly wrong decisions such as cutting down on meals or avoiding their favorite foods. The reality is that this type of extreme diet plans usually contains low carbs or low fats and can ultimately cause some damage or affect bodily functions.

You can request your custom diet plan here!

How does the Custom Keto Diet Work?

Custom keto diet is a diet that is different from most. It contains a few steps which will create a meal plan for you. It all begins with a keto quiz where you are asked some questions about you lifestyle and overall health.

  • Step One:

The user will answer the questions on a questionnaire. These questions are centered on the current health status, goals they aim to achieve, and their food preferences. This step is most important because the plan is generated based on this information.

  • Step Two:

Here, you are provided with an exclusive 8-week plan based on the information you provided in step one. In this step, you still do not have access to the diet plan.

  • Step Three:

Once you have made payment, you are given access to the diet plan.

Please note that the answers must be honest. The custom diet has limitless benefits but only when followed as expected during the 8 weeks.

custom keto diet

What is inside an 8-week custom keto diet plan?

This program doesn’t just give some recipes to along with their ingredients; it is in fact more of a comprehensive guide. The plan is constructed by trainers, chefs, nutritionists, and experts who understand their fields best. With specific micronutrient and calorie management, you are sure to achieve your weight goals.

You also get food options to aid in your weight loss. The list of foods you will be provided with are based on what you like, making it easier to stick to the diet plan while you’re achieving your goals. The plan also features stepwise instructions on how to prepare the stated meals, along with the required quantities. It doesn’t require you to have the best cooking skills. All you need do is get the items from a grocery store and you can get to cooking. You are also advised to stock up a week’s supplies so you can save time and resources. Remember that this meal plan is balanced and based on your desires you lose weight without having to sacrifice your preferences.

What is the 8-week Custom Keto Diet Plan About?

Starting a diet is never easy, be it keto or some other type of diet. Research and planning helps you find which meals are best for you according to your activity levels, weight, lifestyle, and food choices. The 8-week custom keto diet plan helps you in achieving your goals so all you really need to do is follow the plan as instructed.

The plan is one that is easy to follow. If you stick to it, your body will slowly and conveniently transition into ketosis. The meals are recommended only after you have stated your food choices and preferences. The plan also comes detailed with nutritional information. It tells about specific portion sizes and meal timings. You can continue it for as long as you want once you learn it.

It’ll be far easier to lose weight if the foods you eat are both healthy and tasty. Keeping this in mind, keto diet has suitable principles that make it worthy of trying. The dishes typically have:

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  • A good amount of wanted fats
  • A fair amount of proteins
  • A low amount of carbs

You can request your custom diet plan here!

This is based on the idea that your body must go into ketosis to burn unwanted fats. Normally, the body burns carbs to perform bodily functions. The remaining fats after this are unused and results in weight gain. On limiting the amount of carbs in your body, you force it to burn the fats not the carbs; which is exactly what you want if you want to lose weight.

How does this benefit you exactly?

One, you lose weight as all the sitting fats are burnt up. Secondly, you have increased strength because you now have more energy as a result of using up all those fats, instead of burning carbs which you need for strength.

The custom keto diet plan comes with sufficient data and keto cookbooks in a pdf format so you are prepared for victory once you complete the 8-week plan. It includes:

  1. 1. Keto 101 ebook and video
  2. 2. Your very own custom keto diet plan
  3. 3. Keto recipes for bacon
  4. 4. Keto fat bombs
  5. 5. Keto party snacks
  6. 6. Keto superfood smoothie recipes
  7. 7. Keto chocolate treats
  8. 8. Keto peanut butter threats
  9. 9. Keto avocado recipes
  10. 10. Keto savory foods
  11. 11. Keto Desserts
  12. 12. Keto cookies
  13. 13. Instant Keto recipes


As a bonus, the Keto diet also comes with a cookbook which includes quite a number of easily-cooked recipes that fit well into the plan. The instructions are crafted by nutritional experts so they come with relevant nutritional information. Why? Once the user understands the idea behind the diet and how exactly it works, it becomes a whole lot easier. The program also features the following:

  • Daily grocery list of easily-accessible items
  • Daily routines with appropriate eating times
  • A meal plan
  • Portion size
  • The nutritional values of each recipe
  • Other meal options

This 8-week custom keto diet plan ensures that you meet all your set goals. According to research, it takes only 3 weeks to form a habit. So, you only have to actively try to stick to the plan for 3 weeks, after which will be smooth sailing.

You also have a 60-day money-back guarantee should you later decide that keto isn’t exactly for you. You have two months to test it which is a fair enough time for an 8-week program. You can start it right now! To do so, you just have to access the program online and download the contents onto your device. You instantly get all the information you could possible need.

You can request your custom diet plan here!

Who is the author of the 8-week custom keto diet plan?

The custom keto diet is centered on a ketogenic diet which has been scientifically proven to help users lose weight and get fit. This 8-week long diet plan works as advertised for anyone and everyone. Rachel Robert’s diet plan aims for a long-terms weight loss and hence its reason for lasting 8 weeks.

That said, the author if the 8-week custom keto diet plan is Rachel Roberts. She has spent the time on researching the details of this plan so that it is an effective way for both men and women to lose weight. She discovered what foods should be eaten, with the specific portion sizes and nutrition details to follow, based on individual lifestyles.

Benefits of the Custom Keto Diet Plan

The custom keto diet plan has limitless benefits. It is a one-of-a-kind diet plan that is accessible online, crafted in such a way that quickly helps you lose weight through the ketosis process. The benefits and many positive reviews only show that it gives positive results.

  • Designed by seasoned experts

On consultation with a dietician, you are asked to have a specialized meal plan that is designed to give room for hours in the gym, accessing a nutritionist, and consulting an experienced chef. This clearly takes a lot of time and resources. The custom keto diet plan helps you achieve the same results without having to spend so much.

  • Involves detailed research

This meal plan is a result of intense studies and research. It wasn’t generated by a computer somewhere; where the plans are identical for everyone. Calculations are involved when drawing up this meal plan, based on a series of answers you had previously given.

  • Exclusive and Personalized

This is an exclusive meal plan. It is based on individual tastes and personal choices. On signing up for a meal plan, you usually get one that is the same for everyone without any customized tune to it. They usually don’t factor in whether it will or will not work for a particular lifestyle. This is a different case with custom keto diet plan. It works for anyone and everyone!

  • Safe and Effective

This meal plan is based on a personal research that you have carried out, such as what allergies you have, if any. The plan is then drawn up based on in-depth research and analysis in such a way that you are sure to not have any side-effects.

  • Healthy

Science gives kudos to the keto diet for reducing the risks of cardiovascular complications. Keto does this by controlling your blood pressure levels, while keeping bad cholesterol on a low and good cholesterol safely high. The meal plan is in fact applauded for managing diabetes type II and reducing the deadly depression.

Keto diet improves cardiovascular health. It manages blood, sugar, and cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, as you lose weight, you’ll see that it reduces the risk of diabetes too.

  • Mostly internal functions

By internal, we’re saying that you never have to sign up for gym memberships in a bid to lose weight. With the diet method, all you need do is follow a meal plan diligently. Easy enough, eh?

  • Convenient and easy to follow

The attached recipes are never difficult to make, especially since you have all the cooking instructions along with the portion sizes included. The meals are tasty so you have nothing to worry about in that regard. This also helps to ensure that you don’t quit on your custom keto diet plan.

  • Increased fat-melting

A keto diet is effectively basically because it uses fats as fuel to run the body. It is not focused on diet restrictions but even improves eating habits instead. The eating habits follow an established pattern so that you melt all that unwanted fat easier.

Here is a list of reasons why the custom keto diet is an ideal path to take in a bid to lose weight:

  • It reduces the risks of diabetes type 2
  • It prevents weight gain
  • It is designed personalized for every individual
  • It is a very secure approach to losing weight
  • It is not expensive
  • It is straightforward and simple to follow
  • It is supported by science
  • It ultimately helps you lose and manage your weight

How does it make you lose weight?

The custom keto diet helps you lose weight in the most natural way possible. As stated earlier, the program is an online package complete with a detailed diet plan, meal ideas, and other weight loss tips. You also get an online coach who’s always there to answer any questions you may have and support you throughout the 8 weeks.

Custom keto diet gets your body into ketosis; this is how your body begins to autonomously burn fat. With ketosis, the body switches its fuel-producing agents to fats, rather than carbs which are naturally used to provide energy. Fats are burned instead by reducing carbs intake, hence fats are relied upon for energy – they are burned out in the energy-production process. You’ll begin to notice the changes within a few days as the body begins to burn fats instead.

The issue with dieting is that new users hardly know how to begin – what to eat, what not to eat. Custom keto diet plans solve this major problem,. In addition to weight loss, the diet also provides other substantial health benefits.

custom keto diet

You can request your custom diet plan here!

What you’ll get in the 8-week Custom Diet Plan

In the 8-week custom keto diet plan, you get everything from tips on dieting to recipes, along with all instructions on how and when is the right time to eat. You’ll be shown what to do even after the 8 weeks are complete. It is different from other plans that keep you trapped so you are forced to go back to them even after the program is supposedly over. The design of the custom keto diet plan is such that you resume your daily life once you complete the plan.

You’re also sure to get enough information on the keto diet plan itself. The information includes tips on keto-friendly foods, how to begin, which foods to avoid, among others. In addition, it comes with a list of acceptable substitutions so you’re not forced to sacrifice taste for healthy-living; your taste buds stay happy this way. Next, you’ll try out and learn new recipes, keeping it fun and lively for you! Remember that the entire package is based on information that you had previously input, making it personalized for you. This way, you can easily follow the keto plan while being yourself.

Below is a list of topics that will be discussed in the Custom Keto Diet you choose to buy:

Video Library

  1. 1. All you need to know about the keto diet
  2. 2. Introduction to Keto
  3. 3. What keto diet is all about
  4. 4. The benefits of the keto diet
  5. 5. Keto diet and Blood Pressure
  6. 6. What does one eat when on a keto diet?
  7. 7. How the keto diet works for weight loss
  8. 8. Getting started on the keto diet
  9. 9. Keto recipes
  10. 10. Keto tips and hacks
  11. 11. Conclusion

That’s not all. You also get:

  • Shopping lists that cover each week of the program
  • Day-to-Day breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes
  • Nutritional breakdown of recipes and meals
  • Suitable portion sizes
  • Meal substitutes to replace those that you don’t exactly like
  • 11 cookbooks
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

You also get the suggestion of getting recommended supplements, which also help health-wise but isn’t compulsory. You then receive commonly used ingredients along with their respective links on the website. You can also find these ingredients on sites like Amazon if that’s more convenient for you.

You can request your custom diet plan here!

How does the Custom Keto Diet work?

The custom keto diet has uniqueness in the fact that it doesn’t require to have some nutrients deficit, allowing your body get beat in the harsh environments. You’ll be comfortable throughout your 8 weeks of following the diet plan while getting satisfying results. If you have chosen to go on this health diet, here’s some guide for you:

Step 1 – Select Activity Level

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You’ll be asked to choose of activity level on the questionnaire you’ll be give. You must give accurate answers for the best results, as the diet plan will be passed on the answers you give. Here are the options:

  • Couch potato
  • Somewhat active
  • Average activity
  • Very active
  • Extremely active

Step 2 – Select your Favorite Foods

  • Meat Section

In this section, you’ll see all the major sources of protein meat. If you’re a vegetarian or you just don’t want meat for some other reason, you can skip this section. See the options below:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Bacon
  • No meat
  • Veggie Section

For a successful keto plan, you’ll need to add some vegetables. The extra fiber does a world of good. See the options below:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Avocado
  • Zucchini
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms
  • Other Food Items

To ensure that you have varieties, you’ll be asked to select some other food items. See the options below:

  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Cottage cheese
  • Coconut
  • Nuts

You can request your custom diet plan here!

Why you should choose the Custom Keto Diet

The custom keto diet isn’t about fake promises. It exists only to truly help you every step of the way towards the goal of improved health. You can easily contact support anytime you have a question. On filling the questionnaire, you receive a detailed summary of all your body needs. It discusses components such as calories, water intake, BMI, activity level, and the projected weight loss after a month. In addition, it shares the number of micronutrients you’ll need.

There’s no need to be concerned about the kinds of food, as they are customizable. There’s also no need to risk your money investing on weight loss supplements. The custom keto diet does everything; you need nothing else.

The custom keto diet also tells you how much food you should eat so you don’t have to go through the stress of planning and selecting what meals you’ll eat each day. This easy-to-handle feature makes the custom keto diet plan unique from every other option you may have come across.

Some unique features of the Custom Keto Diet

Below are some of the features that make the custom keto diet one of the most respected diets in the world:

  1. 1. You can edit and customize it to your needs

Custom keto diet employ awesome and easy algorithms to make the diet even more personalized. If you ever wish to edit your plan, you can!

  1. 2. Fast Food Eateries

The custom keto diet is ultra friendly to users, easily accessible, and prioritizes user satisfaction above all else. Recognizing that people sometimes choose to eat outside, especially social personalities, the custom keto diet remains the only keto-friendly diet plan that gives room for you to eat at your favorite restaurants such as Burger King, McDonald’s, In & Out Burger, Wendy’s, Subway, and others.

  1. 3. Intermittent Fasting

Keto meals fill you up, giving room for you to skip meals if you have a reason to. Studies show that a combination of keto and intermittent fasting leads to even better weight loss results. The custom key diet is easy enough for anyone to adjust according to the plan.

A custom keto meal plan can be modified with ease for two main reasons. Firstly, you acknowledge that the program is centered on the keto diet that burns fats efficiently. Secondly, it is simply custom-made.

This goes to show that the diet plan is tailored to suit your personal circumstances, requirements, objects, and dietary choices. This ultimately guarantees very high success rates as regards your goal, while remaining simple enough.

Additional Unique Features

Another incredible feature of the custom keto diet is that there is a special customer care support available to users to help sort out and answer all queries with ease. The custom keto diet then remains your individual diet plan according to you personal needs.

Although you’ll receive all the features with detailed descriptions of every aspect of the body, you also get recommended weight levels that should be lost after 30 days on the custom keto diet. In their bid to give customers maximum satisfaction, they also share with you some of the latest diet plans to enable you compare your diet with them.

Basically, the custom keto diet helps you reach your aim easily with no complications.

custom keto diet cakes

You can request your custom diet plan here!

Options offered in the Custom Keto Diet

The custom keto diet is an amazing plan based on flexibility that lasts 8 weeks. It ensures that you have only an amazing experience with zero problems. It works for all kinds of people, whether vegan or vegetarian, with allergies or without, all you need to do is follow the diet plan making no major changes to your current diet and lifestyle. See the options below:

  • Option 1 – Activity Section

The questionnaire has a “daily exercise” section that requires basic information on how intense your daily activities are. The options to select from include: couch potato, somewhat active, average activity, very active, and extremely active.

  • Option 2 – Food Section

There are a satisfying number of meat options for you to choose from. The app gives you the following meat options to pick from: chicken, pork, fish, beef, bacon, and red meat.

It also includes a veggie section with the following options: avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, asparagus, and zucchini. It is important for you to choose at least one veggie to add to your custom keto diet plan.

That’s not all; you are able to include other items that are non-meat and non-veggie. These include: eggs, butter, cottage cheese, coconut, and nuts.

Pros and Cons of this product


  • Easy to follow
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • There are no age restrictions but it is better for people aged 18 years and above
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Reduces anxiety and similar problems
  • No need for a heavy workout routine
  • No need for a strict diet or self-starvation.


  • Can only be accessed through an online portal
  • The outputs are digital only
  • Cannot be bought in physical stores
  • There are no audio recordings.

Where to buy it?

Being a digital product, it can only be bought online. You can purchase your custom keto diet for $37 only, a superb offer that is, considering all the benefits you get from it. The original price is actually slated at $97 but you can get it right now at a discounted rate. There are no subscription fees or hidden charges that you’ll ever have to pay. It is a product that you get on a one-time payment; a lifetime subscription. So if you decide not to change your diet back even after the 8 weeks, you’ll have access to your custom keto diet forever.

You never have to bother about losing money considering that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is so that you can get a refund should you not desired changes in the stipulated time. There will be no questions asked; you get the entire payment sent to you within the next 48 hours after the request.

How is custom keto diet pocket friendly?

In addition to being effective and delivering effective results to all, the custom keto diet is quite cheap too. The $97 is currently being marketed at $37 exclusively, owed to the active discount. This product has received over 3,750 reviews from customers around the world and a 4.5-star rating to show that it works as advertised.

Custom Keto Diet Reviews

The custom keto diet is sure to deliver the expected results. Science and tons of positive customer reviews are there to prove it. Katy Thompson from the UK, who has been using a custom keto diet, said: “Losing 35 pounds without any mental stress or hunger is blissful. I got exclusively planned meals, shopping lists, and ingredients that made it easy to manage the diet plan.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I follow this keto plan?

Simply put – Yes, you can. Anyone who wants to lose weight can follow the plan. However, you must be 18 years or above. For pregnant or breastfeeding women, please consult your doctor first.

  • Is this program for everyone?

This program can work for everyone as long as all the guidelines are persistently followed.

  • Is it safe to follow a keto diet?

Keto diets are completely safe. You get all the nutrients needed for your body functions and health benefits. It doesn’t restrict you in any major way.

  • Why should I have a customized keto plan?

Keto or not, any diet plan shouldn’t be generic. A generic diet can be dangerous seeing as it does not factor in individual needs and lifestyles. Instead of stressing your body unnecessarily, it is best that you personalize the diet. That’s where custom keto diet comes in.

Our Final Verdict

The 8-week custom keto diet plan is a 100% personalized plan that caters for the needs for respective individuals. It provides users with all kinds of recipes so there’s no need for you to brainstorm over it to reach your target goals. With the extra guidelines provided for you to follow, you can make unique plan at the end of this plan and keep going on your fitness journey.

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In addition, the money-back guarantee makes it a very secure path to take. This product is genuine and unique, and these make it remarkable.

You can request your custom diet plan here!

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