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Detailed Review of Text Chemistry

If you are faced with challenges on what to text a guy to develop chemistry, you should know that you're not alone. What do men want that can be given through text? The answers can be found in Text Chemistry; a book by relationship coach and best-selling author Amy North.

Text Chemistry shows how to get a guy to like you using text messages. This is a Text Chemistry review that shows you all you need to know as regards what to text a guy. The review also helps you decide whether texting is the best approach for you. Let's get to it!

Text Chemistry: What is it?

Text Chemistry was designed by Amy North to be a dating program to help any woman trying to know how to get a man. The program features a 13-video series, the main ebook, and three other ebooks as a bonus.

The 13 videos added to the program are blissful. They give an information summary on what is contained in the main book and do so in ways that emphasize the major points. Text Chemistry is designed to improve your skills on how to get a guy to like you.

Text Chemistry helps you capture the attention of any man you desire. What do men want? Sexual chemistry. Amy North teaches to establish sexual chemistry through texts. If you don't know what to text a guy to keep the sparks flying, keep reading.

Many people do not understand how to utilize the digital world to flirt and date. The reason for such a lack of skill varies but it's commonly because they feel stuck or shy. Self-esteem is usually insufficient when it's time to text the opposite sex. This is one of the things that Text Chemistry aims to address.

Who should use Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is for women willing to accept help on how to get a man. It is for women who understand the importance of what to text a guy. Text Chemistry helps women communicate better with men through texts. That said, it is for you if you want to:

  – Flirt with a guy you want to date.

  – Show your boyfriend just how witty and interesting you can get.

  – Reignite the flames that seem to be dying in your relationship.

  – Make an ex see what he's missing and make him long for you again.

If things are going super smoothly in your relationship though, you may not need Text Chemistry. They'd still be fun no doubt but not necessary for you and your relationship.

Purpose of this Text Chemistry review

To bring women one step closer to the answer of the “What do men want?” question. Also, you deserve diversity of content. You need to see resources like the Text Chemistry program and just how much you can benefit from it. Text Chemistry helps you survive in the shaky world of dating and we all need as much help as we can get. For the men, well, it's to show you things that interest you without subconsciously.

Amy North: Who is she?

Amy North is a dating coach from Vancouver, Canada. She is a best-selling author and a popular YouTuber. She takes great interest in helping women win the man they desire. In addition to Text Chemistry, Amy has another program called **The Devotion System**. Combined, her two programs have sold an estimated 100,000 companies across the world.

Amy offers private sessions with her clients on breakups and dating. And with her degree in social psychology, she's more than qualified.

Text Chemistry: An Overview

Text Chemistry is the result of early research conducted by Amy during her University days. She then took the research one step further by becoming a dating coach which opened her to a world that showed how couples often text each other.

The main purpose of Text Chemistry can be found in the answer to any question that queries your approach on how to get a man or how to get a guy to like you. The answer decides helps you decide whether or not you should opt for Text Chemistry, because that's what it offers. It gives you your answer to what do men want.

Amy aims to help you capture a man's heart to an extent that he thinks about you alone.


By using Amy's “attention hooks.” Attention hooks are also used in Hollywood by screenwriters to draw audiences to their projects and keep them glued. If you're a fan of the screen, you must've found yourself attached to a particular movie or TV Show. This is the effect of attention hooks when used properly. Amy North has replicated this for everyday use by any woman who wants to know how to get a man. She adapted the attention hooks to work for texting.

The efficiency of this type of text message is impressive. This is because they appeal to three vote nature of a man. Attention hooks almost autonomously make men focus on whatever you want them to focus on. And if you want the focus to be on you, so be it. Your man of interest will be paying more attention to you than ever before, irrespective of how far or how long you've been away from each other. Amy avails you with texts that are suitable for every situation in every relationship stage, be it The early flirty stage or the stage of keeping an already-existing relationship going.

Text Chemistry is a practical guide for several reasons. One of these reasons being that Amy North shares texts to send to your guy that is sure to attract favorable replies instantly. She then goes on to show women how and when to use the texts in question. She teaches what situations are best suited to use the texts and how to handle them if you don't know what to text a guy.

Irrespective of the current state of your relationship, Text Chemistry has texts for you to suit, with detailed teachings on how to get a man with them. Below is a list of sample scenarios that the texts could come into play.

  – The right texts for when a man ignores you.

  – You want back an ex that you just broke up with.

  – Trying to revitalize a seemingly stagnant or boring relationship

  – Seducing a man you've set your eye on. Being an “Anastasia Steele” to your very own Christian Grey.

  – Making him commit to you if you seek commitment.

  – Making your partner miss and long for you while you're apart from each other.

  – Generally silly texts that are designed to make him crave for your presence.

  – Crafting the shape of any conversation with a guy you like in such a way that he'll always be looking forward to the next conversation.

  – When you're worried your partner may get bored of you and cut ties. Text Chemistry prevents that.

Also, those texts that come from men that usually seem coded and confusing are addressed in Text Chemistry. Now you don't need to be a computer to decode these texts as Amy provides a cheat sheet on what do men want when they send texts like that.

Text Chemistry Bonuses

Earlier in this review, I made mention of all that was contained in Text Chemistry. They were the main ebook, 13 supporting videos, and three bonus ebooks. These are the components that add up to teach you how to get a man and how to get a guy to like you. This subsection is for the three bonus ebooks and all they're about. Below is an overview of each one of them.

The Phone Game eBook

What do men want before they're loose enough to hang on tightly to every word you say on the phone? The Phone Game eBook by Amy North addresses that. She takes a look into what men crave and how to get a man via the things you say on the phone.

Why Men Leave eBook

It's more common than some would expect for men to leave gorgeous women and seemingly healthy relationships. This bonus ebook addresses everything behind that; why it happens and how to avoid it. It's no longer enough to know how to get a guy to like you, you must learn how to keep him. You may create a firewall around your psychology to save your relationship and keep your guy as interested in you as ever.

Quality Men on Tinder eBook

Yeah, you read that right! There is a whole world of quality men to be discovered on Tinder. This book helps you find them with ease. This bonus book shows women how to set up their tinder bio and profile to attract only the right kind of men to you. It's time to repel the wrong ones and give room for Mr. Rights if you know what I mean. This book is considered by many to be the best additional bonus to the program. It's up to you to find out yourself.

Text Chemistry: How much does it cost?

For $49.55, you get everything in the Text Chemistry program package. This may be significant, I know, but considering the work and years of research put in, it's worth it. Not to talk of the value you'll get from the program. As an investment, the returns far outweigh the costs. To clarify, that's 4 ebooks and 13 videos at that price and in the process, you perfect your skills on how to get a guy to like you. If that's not a fair deal, I don't know what is.

Interesting facts about Text Chemistry

It works

Text Chemistry has been tested numerous times before seeing the light of day and even by existing customers. It is practical and men who have come across it have wowed at how accurate the program is. It works and delivers results as advertised. If your want to know how to get a guy to like you, Text Chemistry is for you!

Confidence booster

Knowing that you have a template that works is all the confidence boost you need to make that move on the guy you've been sighting?

What do men want? One thing that's for sure is that men want a confident woman. However, confidence cannot be forced. You must own it and wield it. With Text Chemistry, you're set to achieve that.

Get your money's worth and more

At $49.55, many would consider Text Chemistry a steal. The package comes with valuable resources that are much more valuable than the price at which it is set. Oh well, the point of Text Chemistry is to teach every woman how to get a man. To do this, it had to be made available for as many women as possible, which it is!

Moneyback guarantee

You'll get a full refund if your man of choice isn't responding to you positively within the first 60 days of purchase. That's how much trust Text Chemistry has earned. Now, you do not need to worry about putting your money in Text Chemistry purchases because you can always get it back at any time within the first 60 days of purchase.

Disturbing facts about Text Chemistry

Like every good review, this will also highlight some disturbing facts that have been spotted in Text Chemistry. Although it does teach you how to get a man, there are some disturbing factors to consider.

Language in use

The language that was used in the program may be a bit too sugary and not appeal to every woman. It is the ideal language for books in this nice but it could have been a little less “custom-designed” if you like.

A bit manipulative

Although this may be the whole point of the program and is not a con specifically attached to Text Chemistry, it still makes one wonder if interactions today have to be planned out and premeditated. Natural interactions are slowly dying out.

Available only in digital forms

This may not be much of a downside to some but it could be to others. The sound of paper when reading a book is quite appealing; a sound you will not experience with Text Chemistry because it is completely digital and downloadable. It depends on you whatever to see this as a disadvantage or not.


For any woman who wants to know what do men want and how to get a man, Text Chemistry is insightful. It does teach a lot about the psychology and approach to take when thinking of what to text a guy. If you're willing to look past the setbacks listed above, you're good to go with Text Chemistry!