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Does Tailwind Help Bloggers? My Honest Tailwind Review

Tailwind review is something you will read in this article, and here is why. When I first started blogging, I thought it would not take me much time to hook traffic towards my blog. I was impressed by the track record of Pinterest and wanted to break its marketing code.

I worked hard, and I aimed to provide engaging content that would hook the readers to read it till the end. In addition to it, I tried to create attractive graphics for my blog. I always assumed the activities of my competitors. And I tried to provide more value through my blog.

After working hard for Pinterest marketing, I ended up without attracting a single visitor to my blog.

Then I adopted an alternative approach towards my success. I decided to invest my money to buy “Tailwind.” It is a Pinterest marketing tool that gives you promising results within a month or two. I’ll also give you my Tailwind review in this post!

Have a look at my Pinterest Blog that managed to attract visitors from around the world:

tailwind review

I learned to use the Tailwind app properly, and I was amazed to see the following results:

tailwind review

I have nothing to say because the increasing graph is itself showing the positive impacts of Tailwind.

Before using the Tailwind app, my website was silent. But after using it on my blog, it hooked the attention of a few people to my website. Not just that, the traffic is still increasing day-by-day. Hence, you can assume that my Tailwind review would be in favor of the Tailwind app.

Despite an outclass performance, let me make it clear that Tailwind is not suitable for everyone.

According to my experience, you should use the Tailwind app in some specific situations.

Without further delay, let’s jump into my honest Tailwind app review!

What Actually Is Tailwind? Tailwind review and Definition

Tailwind serves you as a powerful marketing tool. With its user-friendly platform, you can have quick access to your Pinterest account. It saves the Pinners time and helps in increasing their reach.

The Tailwind app allows you to schedule the Pins you want to publish in the next 24 hours. With the “Smart Loop” option, you can sequentially arrange the Pinterest graphics, and it will automatically post your evergreen content according to the sequence you set.

In short, you are free from creating and posting Pins to various boards. The Tailwind will do it automatically!

tailwind app review

Here is a Tailwind review picture. In this picture, you can see that the Tailwind app has scheduled 186 pins. My pins contain evergreen content, and I can add or change content throughout the whole month.

Tailwind creates and posts Pins consistently. It drives the traffic towards my website and helps me grow my reach on Pinterest. More traffic equals more revenue!

There is a unique feature in the Tailwind app called “Tailwind Tribes.” It gives attractive Pins ideas that I use to hook the attention of the audience.

How do Tailwind Tribes work? An In-depth Tailwind review

In the Tailwind review, here comes “Tailwind Tribes”. It is perhaps the most important feature that every blog owner can use to hook traffic towards their website within a couple of weeks. That’s why it is important to study this feature.

In Tailwind Tribes, you’ll see several Pinterest members with the same niche working together. They share their ideas and form a collaborative community.

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Learning the proper use of Tailwind Tribes will make you pick up the viral pins you can publish. I did the same for my blog, and the progress is in front of you. In Tailwind Tribes, you'll go through various Pins that people post. You can select the most popular one and publish it on your blog. I learned a lot, and my learning had made me able to do the Tailwind app review.

However, while sharing pins you have to maintain a balance among all the Pinterest members of the community. Everyone should get equal benefits from shared ideas. Take care of each other so nobody is left behind!

Making decisions with a mutual understanding of all the members turns out to be the best use of Tailwind Tribes for marketing your blog posts on Pinterest.

Have a look at the following picture that shows my activities after using the Tailwind Tribes for several months:

tailwind app review

What I prefer is to try out the Tribes one by one. And examine the tribe that hooks more traffic towards your Blog. This Pinterest marketing tip could be helpful for you in the race to earn money through your blog.

tailwind app review

Moving deep into my Tailwind review, here is a picture for you.

Check this out! The picture shows my Tribes Activity. You can see that I managed to get 257K reach from the “Bloggers Chalkboard” Tribe. You can also see the contribution of my content that is 27.4K, almost 1/4th of the in reach. You can reach it too!

As s small Pinterest account user, the Tailwind Tribes feature of the Tailwind app allows you to get in contact with the most famous Pinners and gain shares.

Sharing of a Pin among the members is very common. That's why you can expect that the moment someone shares a pin, thousands of people will immediately give a reach.

Tailwind Review In Terms of Its Price

Tailwind App is not for free:

You can’t expect such a powerful marketing tool available for free. When you sign up for the Tailwind, they will ask you to buy a suitable plan for yourself.

Tailwind Packages Review:

Here is the Tailwind review image of the signup page:

tailwind app review

I prefer the first package. It costs only $9.99 per 30 days. This Tailwind package is enough for everyone in the beginning. You can add only one account when using this package. But you are free in terms of Pin Scheduling. You, as a member, can share 30 Tribes in a single month.

The Tailwind Review of Tribe PowerUps:

The “Tribe PowerUp” gives additional tribes every month. Check out the Tailwind app review picture below that demonstrates the costs for purchasing the Tribe PowerUps.

tailwind app review power ups

I bought the Tribes Max that gave me 200 Tribes per month for a year. These were more than enough for me. However, you can purchase premium packages for yourself if you want to.

My honest Tailwind review is: “Buying the basic $9.99 plan would be more than enough for you to hook traffic towards your website.” But you can always create more opportunities by purchasing the Tailwind PowerUp.

Tailwind Review for Everyone

 Can anyone use the Tailwind App?

I have discussed it earlier, and I repeat it. Tailwind is not suitable for everyone!

It is probably the main point of our Tailwind app review. When asking you queries in the social media groups, everyone will give you ideas rather than giving you the right solution.

Tailwind Review on a Facebook post:

Let me share my experience with you. When I started blogging, I joined the Facebook Groups for Blogging. A new blogger, who barely spent a month in writing for his blog asked a question. And someone gave him a piece of advice. Check out the picture below that shows the problem statement and the advice given to him.

tailwind app review

Now I have been using Tailwind for attracting visitors to my blog and generating some revenue from it. That’s why my Tailwind review will highlight the positive impacts of the Tailwind app. And I say that the advice is useless!

Here are some points to consider before using the Tailwind app:

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  • Ø Publishing 30 pins using the Tailwind Tribes will require engaging and well-researched content. And a new writer initially lacks such qualities. That's why the Tailwind app won't help them in such situations.
  • Ø There is nothing that you can achieve without putting in any effort. You should be passionate about your work. Work hard, and be patient to see unbelievable results from Tailwind and Pinterest.
  • Ø SEO is the principle that Google uses to rank websites. You understand the SEO rules with learning, practice, and experience. That's why new bloggers can't rank their blogs because their writing lacks the basic SEO rules.
  • Ø Every website shuffles its algorithm after a certain period. You might have heard the saying: “Never put all eggs in one pocket.” If you rely on a single source of bringing traffic to your blog, then you'll probably lose all of your organic traffic sooner or later.
  • Ø Spending hundreds of dollars at the initial stages of blogging isn't a wise idea. You should work wisely and utilize free sources of earning. Once you develop a basic understanding of how things work, you are good to go and spend money on your blog.

If you and your blog face any of these situations, then I recommend you not to but the Tailwind app right now. You should understand the principles of how things work, and once you feel comfortable, you can go and purchase it.

Think for a second that as a new blogger, you can't write and eye-catchy content. And you buy the Tailwind app for your blog. You'll pay for using the app, and in return, you'll earn nothing. There is nothing wrong with the app. The problem is with your content.

Once you become an expert blogger, you can write engaging content. Trust me! The Tailwind tool will hook a lot of traffic towards your blog within a couple of days. Always think about the profit that you’ll receive at the end of the month.

The Tailwind App Reviews

Tailwind is becoming a popular marketing tool. Many of the bloggers have shared their Tailwind app reviews with the community of bloggers. These Tailwind reviews are critical. Below is the image in which Lillian Stevens is expressing the Tailwind review:

tailwind app review

After reading the post and the comments, we can judge that the Tailwind app isn’t working as effectively as it worked before. But it doesn’t mean that my Tailwind review is against its usage!

I agree with all of these Tailwind reviews, and Tailwind app reviews because I am also noticing the same issue while using the Tailwind. I published a lot of Pins using Tailwind, and the result was “zero.” It was disappointing for me!

Tailwind Review About Its Use

How can we use the Tailwind app effectively?

I learned how to use Tailwind, and I'll guide you on how you can use it effectively for experiencing positive results.

But before starting the Tailwind review guide, I want to clear that don't rely on such tools for your progress. Yes, these tools are a shortcut to your success, but such success is usually short-lived. That's why try focusing on manual Pining instead of using tools like Tailwind.

Before concluding the Tailwind review, here are the steps that will help you use the Tailwind app effectively:

Create Pin Images Using Canva

Canva is s free app that allows you to create beautiful logos, banners, and thumbnails. That's why I recommend it to every beginner. Try to create as many Pin images as you can. And you'll notice that your design is gradually improving after each design.

How I use Canva?

Here is how I use canva to polish my skills. I select a Pin. Then, I open the canva app and choose three different design templates for my Pin image. I share those images in the Tailwind Tribes using the Schedule option in the Tailwind app.

Why use Canva?

Unlike Photoshop or Adobe illustrator, you don’t have to learn Canva before you can use it. Download the app and start creating your pin images from today!

Joining Group Boards of Pinterest

As a Tailwind app user, the Pinterest groups could be helpful for you. You can interact with the people of your specific niche. Examine how they use Pins from Tailwind Tribes, and merge their ideas for publishing your pins.

Always help those who help you.

Tailwind Review About How People Help:

The people help you by sharing their pinning ideas using Tailwind Tribes. You don't have to pay people for getting hints from their content. Moreover, people share your content to drive traffic to your website. As a gesture of kindness, it is your responsibility to share their content as well!

Tailwind app review:

The Tailwind app makes it easy for you. It notifies you about the people who share your content. You can view their content and share it!

Suitable Time to Share Pins in Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Review about pinning time:

You are not bound to share pins at a particular timing. However, I found it more beneficial to share my content in Tribes, 3-times a day. Initially, I also shared them at a random time, but it didn't go great. That's why I switched to this method, and I recommend you to share pins in Tribes according to a schedule.

Tailwind app review for new users:

For a new blogger, make sure you do not pin more than 40 times a day, as it will make you lose your account! Maintaining a balance in every aspect of life is crucial.

Manual Pinning

You might have found that my Tailwind review was in favor of using the Tailwind app. Tools are always great to give you an energetic start. But the tools don't take you much far unless you put a lot of effort into your work. Manual Pinning will help you understand the algorithm of Pinterest and will make you an expert in publishing pins for increasing traffic to your blog.

That’s why: “Self-done is Well-done.”

Final Verdict

Summarizing my honest Tailwind Review:

Thanks for making it this far till the end of the post. I hope my Tailwind app review and marketing tips for Pinterest might seem helpful to you.

Tailwind is a powerful marketing software that you can use as a blogger to drive traffic to your blog. But make sure you don’t make the mistakes that most of the fresh blogger do. Using the Tailwind app at the right time will make you have more out of it. That’s why patient be!

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What we covered in Tailwind Review:

  • § Tailwind
  • § Tailwind Review of Tailwind Tribes
  • § Tailwind Review of its cost
  • § Who can use Tailwind? A useful Tailwind app review
  • § Tailwind app review from others, and much more!

Wish you all the best with your blog.

If you want to try Tailwind app you can do it here.

I’ll see you in the next blog. Thanks!






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