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Intellizoom earning potential: A personal review


Intellizoom earning potential. Myth or truth?

I stumbled upon Intellizoom while I was surfing the net for potential ways to earn additional income. At that time, I did not know that you can earn just by sharing your experiences with a particular website or application that you like or care about, which is what Intellizoom Panel was proposing.

So, I became curious about how one can actually generate extra cash through Intellizoom.

Since I’ve been in the affiliate business for many years now and can say that I’ve been amply exposed to a lot of online hustles, I was wondering if Intellizoom was going to provide substantial earnings or if it was just one of those promotional gimmicks meant to trap you.

After having done my bit of side jobs online, I’ve learned to be more selective with the activities I engage in and resolved to only dive into something that was worth the time I invest in.

The potential income that the online business can generate must therefore be sizeable enough for me to consider it, but that is, of course, just a matter of personal choice, and not necessarily your thinking.

Over the past 10 years that I’ve been dabbling in online businesses, I’ve learned that these are the most important characteristics of a good online venture:

  1. It should be easy to learn for beginners.
  2. There should be ample training or at least available references for newbies.
  3. The business must provide sufficient coaching.
  4. Tech Support or online support must be readily available, just in case.

So, in this article, let me talk about what I discover about Intellizoom Panel and provide you with my personal opinion about it.

I’m hoping that with what I discuss here, you’ll be able to figure if Intellizoom Panel is a right fit for you.

So, let’s proceed.

Intellizoom at First Glance

At first glance, I can say that Intellizoom’s landing page was quite attractive, largely because it was populated by Monsters, Inc.’s familiar and lovable characters. Plus of course, the text, colors, and overall impression was that it was an upbeat website, with a very functional look.

The internet is populated with many websites that offer you opportunities for income-generation. If you take a look at these sites, you’ll realize that, more often than not, these websites aren’t legitimate because just by the look at their content or format, they appear haphazard and ambiguous.

In the case of Intellizoom Panel, the homepage projects legitimacy, which is why it held my attention.


At first glance, you’ll get to read the following promises from the company, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. It is quick and simple to get paid by participating in Intellizoom.
  2. You can help improve a product or service improve through your trial and review.
  3. You get paid to invest some 15 to 20 minutes of your lean time in order to take part in Intellizoom’s product testing.
  4. You do not need to be physically present in order to be part of the testing. You can do so from your own remote spot with the use of your mobile device.

The participation requirements were easy to comply and I thought it was pretty much favorable to me. I understood that Intellizoom was going to ask its participants to answer surveys upon testing a product or service and that was why they stressed that it was a testing site.

So, I kept browsing until the bottom part to learn more about the site, reading reviews and FAQ replies.

Intellizoom Income Opportunity

I discovered later on that the income rate for participating in their tests was largely dependent of the kind of tests. The easier the test, the lower the income, while the more complicated the test, the higher your pay.

Some of the trials will entail that you use your camera for video and audio testing. Other trials just let you do simple tasks.

For their usual tests, you can expect to be paid at a maximum of five dollars, while the more elaborate ones will enable you to earn about 10 dollars.

As earlier mentioned, the trials only take a quick 10-20 minutes, which is the best part because you do not need to spend a lot of time even with the more complex ones. You can just do it in your spare moments and earn extra bucks.

Payment is usually done through PayPal within three weeks after completion of the test. Of course, your work must first be checked and approved before getting paid. The review and approval process usually take five business days.

This control measure is a way for Intellizoom to check the quality of work you turn in. This means that you should not just skim through it and screw up the results otherwise you won’t get paid.

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If you wish to get accepted into Intellizoom and be given assignments, I, therefore, recommend that you take it seriously and actually turn in a good work. When you consistently do this, the rest is a breeze.

Since the work isn’t really that complex, the pay isn’t that much as well but it still is extra money for the little time you invest.

Also, you get to hone your life and work skills in organization, attention to detail, diligence, consistency, and promptness.

I was told that the volume of tests you are given depends on your work quality and personal demographic so there is no standard in this aspect.

Participation Requirements

First of all, you must have an internet-enabled device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Second, you should have access to fast and reliable wireless connection. There is no autosave option when you start testing so it’ll be tragic if you suddenly lose all your completed data because of bad wifi connection. Then, you’ll have to redo it again.

Also, you will have to download the UserZoom eCertified testing software application for you to be able to participate in the trial.

Third, you will need to find a spot that is conducive to concentration, specifically one that is not noisy.

Lastly, you must at least be of legal age to participate. To ensure this, you will be asked to join their panel before being given the go signal.

Since this job is pretty quick and easy to join, you can expect a lot of competition, which means that there will not be unlimited slots.

I’d like to see this as a positive thing such that if you apply and get accepted in a company that possess strict standards, there most likely is less competition. If so, the more chances that you’ll get assignments.

Join Process of Intellizoom Panel

Already intrigued at this point, I decided to try and join Intellizoom. I, then, clicked on the ‘Sign Up’ and was immediately transported to the Intellizoom landing page.

It looked quite basic, with a simple greeting and request to fill out your complete name, and then, your email address. They, then, let me encode a password for my account.

As soon as I successfully signed up to Intellizoom Panel, they, then asked me to confirm my email through an email message which they automatically sent to the address I just entered a while ago. I clicked and confirmed it without a hitch.

Then, they asked me for my telephone information. As soon as I entered it, they then sent me a text message with a code which I needed to enter in their website as a form of verification. I completed all these steps which then took me to the page that asked me to complete my profile information.

The profile information that they required of me included, among others, my birthdate, complete address including zip code, gender, race, and language. This information was instrumental in determining which market demographic I would fit into which, in turn, helps them determine what tests they will ask me to take.

Although not really complicated to do, the profile completion process was a bit long and involve several pages of questions.

Intellizoom Panel Reviews

While browsing through other websites that conducted reviews on Intellizoom Panel, I discovered that the latter was formerly YouEye. It was bought by UserZoom and then renamed as Intellizoom Panel.

This would explain why if you search for Intellizoom on Google, you will sometimes come across the site name, YouEye.

Also, I read that tests that are more elaborate than usual do not necessarily require you to record audio or video through your camera. There are some tests that only require one or the other.

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As I continued to skim through several reviews, I came to share the same perspectives as the other reviewers.

Most common of all is the fact that although the pay is agreeable (USD 5-10 range) vis-à-vis the simple nature of the tasks, there is no certainty that you are going to be given any assignments.

As I earlier mentioned, this possibility of being given assignments highly relates to the relevance of your demographic profile to their trials. Plus, of course, if you do not turn in good work, the chances of you getting an assignment diminishes.

So, that said, there is a likelihood that you won’t be given many assignments to work on, or worse, no assignment at all. If you are looking for a steady and sustainable income stream such as myself, this definitely isn’t the one.

I also found out that you need to be quick in deciding when they give you the tests since it is on a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, you need to accept the invitation right away, or else, someone else might take it.

I also discovered that UserZoom had made some comments on the site reviews. This means that the company is quite protective of their brand and good image before the public. This, I believe, is a good sign for me because it means that the company is serious about its long-term commitment to the public.

Most of the reviews I’ve gone through also showed common complaints about the 21-day wait before the payments are remitted to PayPal.

Although not a positive review, I was relieved to know that the company is a legitimate and paying one. If there were complaints about non-payments, that would be my cue to cross it out from my list of recommended side hustles.

One good thing also about the payments is that there is no threshold to how much you can earn or how many tests you can take, as long as you comply with their requirements diligently.

For those of you whose respective countries do not have PayPal, you may find yourselves excluded from this opportunity as PayPal is the only way for Intellizoom to send compensation for your participation.

Intellizoom’s Legitimacy

Yes, Intellizoom is a legitimate means to earn extra income. From this point of view, here are my overall comparison of its benefits and issues:


  1. Provides favorable income, ranging from five to ten dollars per testing
  2. For the small time that you allot (10-20 minutes), you get a good return of investment ratio.
  3. Confirmed legitimacy and payment remittance


Unstable income stream

I believe the issue being the inconsistency of the income stream is a big one for me. Since my goal for searching was primarily to find a steady, sustainable, and additional income stream, the uncertainty of being able to receive an assignment is not a good fit.

The love the feeling of being able to manage the finance side of a job, which makes this quite unfavorable for me.

My Overall Review of Intellizoom Panel

If you were to ask me if you should sign up so that you can earn additional income, I’d say you should because there definitely is something to be gained from Intellizoom participation.

Apart from the added income, you will also experience some sort of fulfillment in being able to express your opinion about a product or service, helping it to improve further.

Another good point about Intellizoom surveys is that they are not the usual dull and repetitive material that standard surveys are notoriously known for, plus, you get paid for it!

It’s assuredly not a fraudulent website and has a straightforward and user-friendly format. Its company shows considerable care for its brand and image which suggests longevity and financial capability somehow.

On the flip side, if you are looking for a job that provides a substantial and sustainable income, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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In my opinion, I’d rather spend my time on building affiliate websites because though it is not the usual job you’d consider as part-time, it still has lots of earning opportunities. Plus, there is a remarkable chance that you’ll be able to nurture it into a full-on steady income earning activity.

As you can see, I don't have even one affiliate link about Intellizoom, so I share my experience not selling oportunity.

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