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Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is something I am going to talking about today.

I established an online business back in 2015 and I wanted, then, to resuscitate it with renewed strategy and approach.

Like me, you may have come across this training and wondered if it is worth your time and hundred-dollar investment.

Well, you’ve come to the right spot!

I’ll be giving a critique of this course, including brief descriptions of each of the eight weeks that I spent to complete the training, an outline of the pros and cons of the course, plus some of my major takeaways.

My Rediscovery of Super Affiliate System

I stumbled upon a pal’s retweet about John Crestani and his Super Affiliate System in Twitter while checking my account feed.

Although I no longer recall how it was exactly worded it, but the message about achieving financial freedom and generating passive income resonated with me. I suppose I was too intrigued to remember the details now.

So, I decided to check it out and click on the accompanying link. This led me to a professional-looking landing page where John discussed about the affiliate business and how he put together this comprehensive training course to equip new and aspiring affiliate marketers with the right knowledge and tools.

I first heard about this course back in 2014 while I was surfing for affiliate programs. At that time, I have been in the affiliate marketing business for quite a while. I did not pay attention to it then because I was focused on jumpstarting my affiliate program.

After coming across several fraudulent offers, I eventually applied for the Amazon Associate and had my account approved.

Since I did not know much about search engine optimization or niche targeting, I just copied the banner codes given to me and added them to my blog. Due to my inexperience, the marketing program failed, and my Amazon account consequently closed down after three months.

I did manage to earn some clicks for my pages, but unfortunately, it did not convert into sales. So, I decided to abandon my online business and focused instead on my nine-to-five job since I needed to earn my keep and settle bills.

I’ve got to admit that spending the whole day in a confined space, while making tons of client calls, was not an attractive prospect. It gave me security of tenure, but it did not give me satisfaction and flexibility of time.

So, when I saw my friend’s retweet and mindfully read John Crestani’s program this time, I felt another tug to revisit my online dream again.

John Crestani – the person behind the program

I believe what made me interested in John Crestani the second time around was the fact that his back story closely resembled mine.

He was also stuck with an eight-hour job once which was not doing anything to his sanity.

In his case, his blessing in disguise was he got sacked and left without an alternative.

I could not imagine being in such situation, not knowing where I’d get the money to settle my bills, feed my daughter, or even how to tell her that we could no longer sustain the use of the air conditioning units. That would be a nightmare for me!

Fortunately for John, he was not only able to manage his situation but also succeeded in putting up a USD 500,000 affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

After having experienced a lot of challenges and hardships along the way, John decided to pay it forward by imparting knowledge that he’s accumulated through the years to new and aspiring affiliate marketers such as myself.

I sensed sincerity and admired him for his accomplishment. However, I still felt wary, especially after having failed miserably before.

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Also, hearing John speak about the luxurious life he was currently living sounded too good to be true, so I stalked him in Instagram and Facebook. I saw photo posts of him beside a Lamborghini which made me even more suspicious.

Seriously, why would anyone need to show off just to sell courses that are minimally priced at USD 47?

To tell you the truth, I am not too fond of such sales tactics especially when it’s so easy to have a photo beside an expensive car without you having to own it. I know there’s a lot of people who do these things and it’s quite off-putting.

So, after having gone through the course, I think John does not need to do these things. Although he does live a charmed life due to his tremendous affiliate success, I think there is no need to flaunt in order to convince people. He has a very good product, that’s for sure but to market it the way scammers do may be something that he should rethink.

Super Affiliate System: My General Impression

After deliberating about the course, I eventually decided to sign up in their Internet Jetset program.

It only cost me USD 47 to enlist in this subscription-based course, which provided useful techniques for beginners such as myself. One of the things it taught me was how to boost visitor traffic for my affiliate website at no cost.

It was incredible. The strategies it taught me were unheard of within my marketing community and although there were a few that sounded familiar, these were not discussed enough to be applicable to me.

All the topics in this program were explained in video form, and it was John who narrated all the lessons in screen recording.

When he discusses each of these lessons, you will be able to simultaneously apply it by simply clicking pause and resume. What needs to be improved, though, is the option to fast forward through the content especially with some of the topics that you are already knowledgeable about.

If you are pressed for time, this may irritate you a bit since you have to listen to the entire track until the end before proceeding to the next lesson.

Another thing is that I found John’s way of speaking to be too slow. I discovered that most lessons took up 45 minutes which I believe could be accomplished within 30 minutes had he quickened his pace.

Maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference though as his deliberate pacing may be perfect to those who are quite new to the affiliate operation. Also, John’s way of explaining enables him to elaborate more on each lesson, covering all levels of affiliate experience.

The Internet Jetset program is broken down into smaller modules. Each module takes up a week. This means that you get to complete the training after many weeks, eight to be exact.

The thing about this training is that you do not need to wait until you finish the course to apply what you have already learned.

For example, after you are taught about SEO and Google Free Traffic, you can immediately start executing these lessons in your daily operation.

The Level-Up Offerings

You will agree that at USD 47, the Jetset program is quite a steal considering that with the lessons you pick up and apply, you’re able to drastically turn your business around.

So, what gives?

After this, you’ll be getting consistent invitations from John via email about their other programs, especially the premium packages that they are offering at discounted prices.

In my case, I received invitations to enroll in the Super Affiliate program that cost about USD 1000. I’ve also been offered the JetsetLIVE package, which is a webinar bundle that cost about USD 97, and the JetSet Xtreme Members package that is priced at USD 187.

Wanting to know more about the Jetset Xtreme Members course offering, I clicked and was instantly subscribed to it. I received a notification that thanked me for subscribing to the Jetset Xtreme Members program.

JetSet Xtreme Members Course

I discovered that this is actually a platform that contains video recordings of successful affiliate marketers, recounting their experience with the course and how it empowered them to achieve their income goals.

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This platform also offers you links to other platform tools that you may be interested in using, at a given price. In other words, these are affiliate links. I realized this after I accidentally clicked on it and then later discovered that I had to spend some more in order to access the tools.

Based on my experience, I do not recommend this offer because, although there is some advantage in procuring the package and using the offered tools, you will need to shell out more on top of what you’ve already paid.

Unlike the basic Jetset program, this offer does not provide the kind of information or support that I was looking for, and for the price of USD 187, it was not worthwhile for me. The good news is they have a money-back guarantee for this offer, and I was able to recoup my USD 187, as John promised.

I appreciated this gesture after having come across a lot of online scams in the past. It was assuring that the company made good its promise and refunded my money. For that, I’d give a five-star score on the Super Affiliate System crew.

The Super Affiliate System

In comparison to the Internet Jetset program, which provided valuable information on leveraging free traffic sources, the Super Affiliate System or SAS teaches you how to use and maximize paid traffic means and tools.

Personally, I prefer the SAS and can say that you get your money’s worth with this program. At USD 997, your knowledge on traffic building tremendously increases. My recommendation to those who want to consider subscribing to SAS is to commit oneself to the program.

It’s not a passive course wherein you just listen and learn. Here, you need to also do your part by applying these techniques and monitoring your results.

Just because you executed what you’re taught you’ll be guaranteed of results. Every affiliate operation is unique, and you’ve got to establish your own dynamics after applying the lessons in this program.

In this part of the program, you’ll learn that it is easy to post an advertisement on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even other platforms such as Google Adwords.

The truth is these advertisements do not necessarily convert to sales. What the program tells you is that you need to know your market behavior in order for you to effectively target them. Otherwise, it’s just like going to battle without strategy or weaponry.

With paid traffic, the results are immediate. Free traffic maneuvers are excellent, but they may take several months or years to generate substantial results.

So, unless you are willing to invest that much time, doing backlinking and applying the SEO tricks of the trade, you’ll find that the strategies they teach us here can fast track your money-making days.

Besides demystifying paid affiliate marketing to beginners like you and me, this aspect of the program is where they teach us the three core skills that every affiliate marketer should master. This happens to be my favorite part.

The skills they taught me revolved around copywriting, data analysis, and research.

Unlike the previous offers, SAS is a tighter, richer, and faster program that spans eight weeks. It comprises rich lessons equivalent to 50 hours of instruction. It’ll provide you with other supplemental resources that proved useful to me when I restarted my affiliate operation.

Here is a briefer on the course’s curriculum which I divided on a weekly basis, for your easy reference:

First Week:

This is the System Set-up part of the program where you will be taught how to set up your affiliate marketing website and a pre-selling page, as well as, how to maximize Facebook advertising.

Second Week:

This next lesson focuses on the three core skills that I’ve just outlined a while ago and how to master them in order to effectively run your marketing business. Here, you’ll be taught to develop and adopt a super affiliate mindset which will enable you to see and leverage opportunities that others see as difficulties.

Third Week:

This is one of the most exciting part of the program where you are taught functional knowledge and skill so that you get to direct traffic and successfully convert them. This is where they teach you real marketing acumen.

Fourth Week:

In this section of the training, John Crestani shows you how to leverage on the two billion active users of Facebook and Google. This traffic poses as a huge market just waiting to be converted.

Fifth Week:

I learned something new to me in this part of the program. Are you familiar with native ads and how to tap it? These are fundamentally advertising that are created following a certain format, and which you can incorporate in your site pages. Here, you will also be taught how to make YouTube advertisement and tap other such platforms.

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Sixth Week:

After having learned the strategic skills and knowledge to turn your traffic into sales, the next step was to bolster and sustain your stellar performance. One of the lessons they’ll teach you in order for you to achieve efficiency is outsourcing tasks and automation so that your more of your time is devoted to other critical tasks such as growing or expanding coverage and operation.

Seventh Week:

John Crestani teaches us about other underutilized platforms besides Google and Facebook which you can also take advantage of. Examples are Bing and LinkedIn. You’ll learn how you can capitalize on these platforms for more traffic to your website and sales conversions.

Eighth Week:

I believe this is the breakthrough part of the program where you will be advised about what advertising platforms to tap, which subject to focus on, and what best direction to take. From what you have gleaned the past seven weeks of training, you’ll then be guided toward recalibrating our operation or how to jumpstart it, if you’re new.

After finally completing the eight-week Super Affiliate System, I can say that my knowledge and skills in running an affiliate marketing business have tremendously advanced.

I decided to try the Amazon Associates program again and got accepted. After a few years, I started earning from two of my websites (yes, I have more now). One generates a monthly income of USD 1500 while my other one rakes in USD 2000 a month.

Part of what I learned from the training is to set real goals. I’ve established my goal of reaching USD 10,000 of monthly commission for each site, applying all that I have been taught with effective content creation and search engine optimization.

I am aware that this would take time, hard work, and perseverance but I’m quite gratified that my business is taking off and my investment in the Super Affiliate System has sooner paid off.

So, here are the pros and cons of enrolling in this program, just in case you are interested to consider it.

Advantages vs Disadvantages of the program


  1. User-friendly
  2. Full of helpful advice
  3. Applicable lessons
  4. Organized and comprehensive curriculum
  5. John Crestani does not rush his explanations and cites relevant details and examples for better understanding


  1. Too many email offerings promoting more expensive programs
  2. Email is the only way of requesting customer support
  3. Program includes upsells
  4. If you know what are you looking for ALL THIS you can find and collect from many YouTubers

Overall Rating

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is not perfect, that’s for sure, but I believe the merits far outweighs its demerits.

Overall, it was worth more than every penny I spent, given that I already earned back my initial USD 1000 investment after applying all that I learned.

For those of you who are seeking to prosper through online marketing, I highly recommend this program. Check it here.

I give it a 4.5 / 5 rating.




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