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Tube Buddy for YouTube Growing a YouTube channel from 0

Tube Buddy for YouTube is must have if you want to be successful Youtuber. Growing a YouTube channel from 0 to millions of subscribers is not a child’s play. It takes patience, hard work, and dedication. Do you have a YouTube channel, and you work day and night to give your viewers an interesting piece of content? Your efforts will help you hook more viewers to your channel.

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Tube Buddy for YouTube can help you save your time in optimizing your video content and much more. Today, we will be discussing Tube Buddy for YouTube. We’ll explore its exciting features and see how it helps the YouTubers in their journey. In the end, we'll be touching on the drawbacks of using Tube Buddy for YouTube.

What Is Tube Buddy For YouTube?

        Tube Buddy for YouTube is your buddy that will help you in marketing your YouTube videos. It is a Chrome extension. It assists you in doing the SEO of your video and, boosting the analytics. Download and activate this chrome extension, and it will fulfil all of your needs related to the optimization and marketing of your YouTube videos. Pin the Tube Buddy for YouTube extension at the top of your Chrome browser to have its access all the time. What could be easier than this!

How Tube Buddy Helps?

Most of you might be thinking about how a Chrome extension can be helpful for us as a YouTube video creator. Let’s clear your confusion.

Tube Buddy for YouTube

Tube Buddy Actually A YouTube Extension:

There you go! We mentioned earlier that Tube Buddy for YouTube is a Chrome extension. But it doesn’t mean that it alters the working of your Chrome browser. You have to install and activate it in the Chrome Browser and it will act as a marketing tool for your YouTube videos.

How Tube Buddy Works:

After activating this extension, visit the Creator Studio section of your YouTube channel. You'll see several new options like short links, drop-down menus, and other tools to help you alter the description of your video. All of these options play their role to market your YouTube video on the entire platform.

The following picture shows information about the options. This extension adds these to the Creator Studio of your YouTube channel.

Not that you have come to know what Tube Buddy for YouTube is, let's start a deep review of this YouTube marketing too.

Tube Buddy For YouTube Review

Let’s review the Tube Buddy extension and see the features that it provides you as a YouTube Video Creator.


Following are the features that you can enjoy using the Tube Buddy for YouTube. Go through all of the features to adopt a deep understanding of this exciting tool.

· Video Embedding using Tube Buddy for YouTube

Extend the default settings of the YouTube video embedding and creating playlists by using Tube Buddy for YouTube. If you want to customize the look of your YouTube embedded videos, this tool is for you. You can loop the videos, disable the video controls, and can enable/disable the JavaScript API.

· Use Pre-designed Card Templates

Using unique card templates is what everyone needs to promote YouTube videos. Tube Buddy for YouTube facilitates you with s collection of unique card templates that you can use for your upcoming videos. You don’t have to stick to the old template that you have used in your previous videos.

Most of the YouTube video creators use the same template in their videos. It is because creating different card templates consumes a lot of time. In the meanwhile, it seems boring to your audience, and they don't find your videos interesting. That's why to use Tube Buddy for YouTube. Its pre-designed unique card templates will save you time and extra effort.

· Tube Buddy for YouTube Canned Responses

We understand that you are a busy YouTuber. And you spend plenty of time searching for new ideas for your YouTube family. The positive comments of the viewers show that your content is helpful to them. To become a successful YouTube content creator, you have to stay in contact with your public.

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Giving a response to the comments of everyone will take hours. A YouTuber with over 100K subscribers can’t manage to respond to each comment. Tube Buddy for YouTube is a wise choice to handle such conditions. When using this extension, you can personalize the canned responses, and it will automatically respond to the comments without getting commands from you!

Comment Filtering: Tube Buddy Review

In addition to giving canned responses to comments under the video, the Tube Buddy for YouTube app allows you to filter the comments. This exciting feature helps you in filtering out the comments of your old subscriber. Or the comments that you want to respond to. Here are a few more ways in which this feature can help you out!

  • You can filter comments that you haven't replied to yet.
  • Filter the comments with the most replies.
  • Also, you can filter the comments containing negative feedback.
  • And you can filter the comments that show love and support to the video.

In short, you can control the comment section of your videos using Tube Buddy for YouTube. It saves your time that is wasted in scrolling the comment section and finding the comments that show the love of your supporters. It saves your time and also makes sure you don't miss any comments of great importance.

Pick Emoji Using Tube Buddy

The feelings that you can’t express through words can be expressed using Emoji. The use of emoji helps the viewer to understand the context of the video. Using Tube Buddy for YouTube allows you to pick emoji from a variety of options.

You can have access to all the emoji by clicking on the emoji icon. It is near to the title area. Adding emoji to your title will make it more captivating. If you are not an expert in creating eye-catchy video titles, use emoji to hook the viewer's attention.

Tube Buddy End Screen Template

Like the pre-designed card templates, you can use the end screen templates at desired parts of the video. The purpose of end screen templates is different from the pre-designed card templates. When you assume that a part of the video looks boring due to repetitive actions, inserting end screen templates using Tube Buddy for YouTube is the best way to overcome the situation. It will make the viewers stay engaged with the video content.

Notifications of Comments

While using Facebook or any other social app, you get a notification when someone comments on your post. However, YouTube doesn’t provide this ease. But don't worry when you have a Tube Buddy extension for YouTube.

How it works?

When you activate the extension, a popup notification will appear on the screen when someone posts a comment under your YouTube video. Not only that, but you also can give an immediate reply to that comment by clicking on the reply button. Hence, you don’t need to go to your video, scroll the comments, and reply to that specific comment.

Tube Buddy Review: Sorting Videos in Playlist

I like sorting videos based on likes. The video that has more likes always remains on the top of my playlist. The Tube Buddy made it happen. Do you want to sort the videos of your channel according to your desire? Then you use this powerful extension.

What sorting options does Tube Buddy give?

You can sort your YouTube videos based on:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Random order
  • Watch time
  • Likes, and much more!

Use the Tube Buddy for YouTube and explore the video sorting feature!

Create Attractive Thumbnails

Attractive thumbnails are all you need to force people to click on the video and play it. For creating captivating thumbnails, most of the content creators hire a Graphic Designer. But how can you pay graphic designers when you are just starting!

Tube Buddy has a solution to your problem. Using this extension, you can create exciting thumbnails for your videos without hiring a graphic designer. Although a graphic designer will provide you a quality job. But you can utilize the “create thumbnail” feature of Tube Buddy till you manage to get a few subscribers. It will help you save money and time!

Tube Buddy for YouTube: Quick-access Toolbar

What could be easier than having a quick-access toolbar? It doesn’t matter how professional you are. You still have to edit your video. Editing the videos directly on YouTube is not an efficient way. To give your videos a professional look, use the Tube Buddy extension to edit your videos.

Using this extension, you can give a professional look to your YouTube videos, thanks to its quick-access toolbar. In this toolbar, you get a list of all the videos of your YouTube channel. You can click on any video to modify it. That’s how you edit your several videos in no time using this extension.

Schedule Video Uploads

If you have created a video that you wish to upload on a specific date and time, you should be punctual and active. If you didn't manage to upload the video on time, its motive would change.

Using the Tube Buddy for YouTube makes you free from this time limit. With this extension, you can schedule the uploading time of the video. It allows you to set the timer and will upload the video at the specified time. In this way, you don't have to apologize to your audience for the late video upload.

Planning Video Topics with Tube Buddy

Coming up with new video ideas daily is a difficult task. At some point, you might think you can’t create a new video today. But when you use Tube Buddy for YouTube, you’ll be eager to create several videos on different topics.

How it works?

Tube Buddy helps you get new ideas for your YouTube videos. It helps to pick the comments that might contain phrases to help create a new video on a similar topic. It will make you judge the interests of your audience. And what they would like to see in the next video. You can click on Add as Comment Suggestion. It will save the comment as a suggestion, and you can plan to create a new video related to that comment.

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tube buddy

Tube Buddy Review: Tracking Keywords in Demand

Several effective tools help you check the ranking of your website or blog post in search engines. Just like that, Tube Buddy works as the keywords tracking tool for YouTube. It helps you track the keywords that will help you rank your videos as compared to your competitors. Ranking the videos in YouTube search results wasn’t that easy before.

Moreover, it has an option that keeps you up-to-date about the activities of your competitors. It notifies you when your competitor uploads a new video on his channel!

Tube Buddy for YouTube Short Review

Using tools makes our work extremely easy. Tools speed up our work and help us to achieve success in our online business. Tube Buddy for YouTube is a powerful marketing tool that will help you grow your YouTube channel when you use it accordingly. It is easy to use and serves you with a variety of features. Moreover, it doesn't put an extra load on your monthly expenses.

However, you can’t use one account on two different YouTube channels. And it is only available in the form of a Chrome extension. Lastly, their customer support is a bit poor. Before deciding to use Tube Buddy for YouTube, make sure you understand these requirements.

Final Verdict

Growing a new YouTube Channel requires a lot of effort. You can’t reach from 0 to over 1 million subscribers overnight. However, you can hook the attention of the people to your YouTube Channel by marketing your videos.

Tube Buddy for YouTube is a powerful extension that helps you in the marketing of your videos. Today, we have discussed this extension and its features. Thanks for making it this far to the end of the post. Let me comment down below if you are using this extension. Also, try this as a new YouTuber and tell us about your experience.

You can try TubeBuddy for YouTube FOR FREE here.






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