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What is Star Clicks & What You Must Know Before Joining

What is Star Clicks

There are income-earning opportunities online that you can take advantage of, these days, and one of which is participating in a Paid-to-Click (PTC) site such as Star Clicks. is a website that compensates you for clicking on their ads and for inviting others to do the same. This is why it’s called a PTC site.

It’s that simple? No, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds, and there are details that you need to be aware of before you decide to invest your time and money in it.

If you prefer affiliate marketing more, i suggest you to start with this article for total beginners.

So, is Start Clicks legitimate? Technically, it’s not a scam, and so, yes, it’s legit. However, if you want to know if the payout is worth the effort, let me answer that with this review post.

First of all, let’s figure out what has got to offer its enrollees, and how its payout system works

In this article, I will explain to you about the site’s features so there’ll be no surprises should you decide to participate, and, from there, you can infer whether this opportunity is worth your while or not. Also, I’ll throw in some additional information that are not usually discussed about the site but are worth minding about before you join.

What Is Star Clicks & How Can You Earn From It? is operated by Easy Logic, and, as I mentioned earlier, it is a Paid-to-Click website that collaborates with other entities, which may be other companies or persons, in order to boost online visits.

This is where paid online users, such as you, come into the picture. In order for them to achieve the targeted traffic numbers, you will be invited to click on their advertisement which directs you to their partnered sites.

To maximize your participation in this site, you must, then, know what are the ways by which you can earn and how much the payout will be by doing so.

So, in the succeeding paragraphs, I’ve outlined the various means by which you can earn rewards through your participation in Star-Clicks.

1.    Earn By Clicking On Paid Ads

In comparison to other PTC websites, Star-Clicks is far less complicated. It’s because it offers limited number of options by which you can participate and earn.

The good thing about this is that earning through your participation in the PTC site is easy to accomplish, which just basically consist of viewing their advertisements and successfully inviting others to join in.

The bad thing, however, is that there aren’t as many ways by which you can generate income through this venture. This consequently means that the payout you get out of your engagement isn’t much.

As earlier mentioned, the general idea to earn here is by clicking on Star-Clicks’ advertisements and viewing them, while also, getting others to sign up as well.

With regard to the first mode of participation, as soon as you log into their website, a page appears, saying, ‘Ads are available!’ It will display all the advertisements that you can click on.

You will, then, have to select any one of these advertisements to click on and, as soon as you do so, another tab will pull up, showing the specific ad page that you have to view.

These ad pages that advertisers ask you to view are usually their homepages, landing pages, or pages that offer promotions.

So, as soon as you click on one, you, then, have to wait for the page to finish loading. Once it has fully loaded, just click, ‘close,’ and proceed to view the other ads.

That’s pretty much it! It’s relatively elementary and does not require much thought.

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With other similar websites, you may need to do a couple more steps to complete this task such as clicking on the captcha or answering simple queries or problems to prove that you are not a robot. They do not, however, get more complicated than that.

That said, it will probably take you longer to accomplish the viewing in other PTC sites than in Star-Clicks.

So, what are the usual concerns with Star-Clicks? Well, if you’re enrolled under a basic membership, which is the Silver membership, you are not provided access to many of their advertisements. Although it’s free, you do not get to earn substantially from this standard participation.

If you want to click on more advertisements and get paid more, you will be asked to upgrade your participation. I shall explain this in the succeeding portions of my review.

In terms of payout amount, however, you’ll get more out of your participation in Star-Clicks than most of the other similar websites. That is, if you are enrolled in an upgraded membership, which could be the Gold or Platinum memberships.

If you remain under the Silver membership, you can only click on a limited number of advertisements, which means that you only get to earn very little.

With other PTC sites, there is no limitation in this regard, and so, you are able to increase your earnings through clicking on as many ads in such sites as you are allowed to.

2.    Earn By Successful Referral

By the nature of its payout system, Star-Clicks can be considered a rewards program. You subscribe to its offer to click on ads, you get rewarded.

Like other rewards system, Star-Clicks also pays you when you invite others to join in their program.

How? You just need to refer the PTC site to others by sending a link, inviting them to participate in Star-Clicks.

If the person to whom you sent the invitation link signs up to Star-Clicks through your link or code, he or she immediately falls under your referral roster, and through this, you are rewarded a payout.

Star-Clicks’ reward system is quite effectual. As soon as your referral signs up under a basic participation, you will be given USD 0.08 as payout.

When your referral decides to participate as a gold member, you will be given five dollars as reward.

If your referral subscribes to a platinum membership, the payout goes up to USD 10.

So, you see that the higher the level of membership under which your referrals participate, the better your level of earnings.

I believe this is a more potent means by which you can substantially earn through participation in Star-Clicks. That is, as long as the level of referral participation is beyond the basic. Otherwise, the payouts aren’t really that significant to merit your time and effort, unless you have a lot of time in your hands and aren’t really busy with anything.

Another thing that you should also be aware about Star-Clicks referral program is that the commission that you get out of your referral is not continuous, unlike other similar referral programs or PTC websites.

You do not get to earn based on the earnings of your referrals. Your succeeding earnings from the referral program are only based on the upgrades.

So, if your referral stays on his or her level of membership, you are only paid once based on your referral’s successful sign up. In other words, you are only paid a one-time commission in this case.

How Will You Be Rewarded?

You know that there are two ways by which you get to earn through your membership with Star-Clicks. First is by clicking on their ads and waiting for it to load. Second is by successfully inviting others to sign up to Star-Clicks program and earn for themselves as well.

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Let’s, then, proceed to the critical part which is how you get paid through your Star-Clicks’ membership.

Simply put, you click, you get paid or your referral signs up, you get paid. Every time this happens, your corresponding payout gets deposited into your account with Star-Clicks.

Here’s where it gets a bit fuzzy.

If you happen to enlist as a basic Star-Clicks member, you’ll be provided a fifty-dollar payout target, which means that you cannot cash out if your earnings amount to less than USD 50.

Since, as a basic member, you earn only USD 0.08 per successful referral and get to click on a very limited number of ads which amounts to insignificant earning as well, reaching the fifty-dollar threshold would be an arduous climb.

It gets fuzzier onward.

Star-Clicks offers an auto-payout scheme which is supposed to allow you cash out from your account easily. However, the specifics are not stated.

They just inform you that, as long as you remain an active member and plug into the auto-payout feature, you can easily receive payment.

As to what the target earning is for the auto-payout to be enabled and when you get to receive payment, however, is never laid out specifically.

This, therefore, leaves you on a wait-and-see situation, which I find suspicious, especially when they remove this target as soon as you level up in your participation, which means that you can, then, cash out anytime you wish and at any amount from your earnings.

There are three means by which Star-Clicks remit payment. One is through PayPal. Another is by direct bank remittance or you can also opt to convert your payment amount to Bitcoins.

I think it’s great that they have a PayPal payment option which I regard as a convenient and most widely used mode of payment around the world. Since not all PTC sites offer this payment option, I think Star-Clicks get my vote on this payment feature.

What Is Star Clicks The Earning Potential?

In my opinion, a PTC website is only as attractive a proposition as its decent earning potential for its members and complementary effectivity in compensating them.

As I mentioned earlier, the standard membership only enables you to earn a meager eight cents per successful referral and a limited opportunity to earn through ad clicks.

This means that, unless you upgrade your participation from the Silver package to either Gold or Platinum or not mind the long wait (about several months to a year) before you can cash out on any earnings you have, there is little to expect from Star-Clicks in terms of substantial income-generation.

On the other hand, if you move up to Gold or Platinum membership, you’ll have access to more income-generating ads. The trick, here, is to click as many available advertisements as you can because the payout is still meager at one to two cents per click.

Unfortunately, for you to really earn substantially, you’ll need to click and load so many ads and invest a lot of time in doing so. Is it worth it? You’ll have to answer this based on your situation.

One more thing too that you need to know, but which is not emphasized on the website, is that a membership upgrade is not a one-time fee but a monthly one. This really is the clincher. The fact that it is not made evident from the start is fishy to me.

So, even if you upgrade your participation to a Platinum, for example, which entails a monthly payment of USD 49, the fact that you only earn a few cents per ad click means that you’ll need to invest so much time to do this task repeatedly to pay off this upgrade and earn decent money at the same time.

This double-edged fact about Star-Clicks is what merits a low-rating for me in terms of income-generating potential.

Even if you do get to upgrade and focus on one option such as successful referrals, you still need to come up with an effective plan to pay off your monthly fee. So, contrary to how simple it projects its program to online users, it really isn’t so when it comes to earning from it.

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When it comes to these online participation programs, I do not really subscribe to the concept of investing more in order to profit more.

To me, this whole strategy just cancels out the benefit of joining the rewards program. It just does not make sense to pay a monthly fee first in order to be rewarded for your toil. Then, it ceases to be a reward.

This is just me, of course. If you feel you can wing this sort of work dynamic, then this is a good fit for you.

As for me, though, it just appears like Star-Clicks mainly earns through your investment in the upgrade and the succeeding investments that result through your referrals.

Unlike other PTC sites such as PrizeRebel, where you are given a 30% recurring commission from your successful referrals’ earnings, Star-Clicks only provide you a one-time commission while it earns substantially from the monthly upgrade fees.

This means that if you do not keep on with your referrals, chances are, you won’t be able to pay off your upgrade fees, and this is probably what they referred to as being active in order to avail of the auto-pay scheme.

Overall, the best way, then, for you to generate a decent income out of your participation in Star-Clicks is by expanding your referral network continually.

So, if you receive all these invitations to participate in Star-Clicks or links to sign up in this ‘easy-money’ program, at least you, now, know that it isn’t as simple and substantial income-earning as it projects itself to be.

There’s no such thing as easy money the legit way.

Having said that, it’s not all that discouraging if you’re the type who thrive in this type of engagement or has a huge network of people who are just as enthusiastic as you. If so, let’s proceed to other features that may interest you then.

Is Star-Clicks Mobile-Friendly?

If you’re of this tech-savvy generation and are more comfortable completing all your work via your mobile devices, you may be turned off by the fact that Star-Clicks does not have a mobile app which makes accessibility and navigation a breeze.

To access Star-Clicks, you will, then, have to go through your mobile browser. The good news is their website is mobile-friendly so there is no need for you to configure a page in order to read through it.

Since ad viewing is one way of earning from the site, accomplishing this task via your mobile device makes you more efficient. More so if the website is mobile-responsive because this cuts time and unnecessary sacrifice in your mobility.

One can easily accomplish the task of clicking on ads and waiting for it to load while doing chores at home or during your free time at work.

What Are The Qualifications Or Requirements?

Since Star-Clicks is internationally accessible, anyone who can access its site from any country in the world is qualified to participate. There is an age requirement, though.

You need to be at least 18 years old and able to accomplish the tasks by signing up to its rewards program.

To become a Star-Clicks member, all you need to accomplish is their online registration form. You will, then, receive an email message from them, asking you to click on an activation link.

As soon as you click on this link, your account becomes active and you can, then, begin to view and load their displayed advertisements.

You will also have to go through a phone verification process in order to finalize your registration. You’ll be given two options to receive the code in order to complete this process. One is through SMS and another is through WhatsApp.

As soon as you receive the verification code that they send through your chosen mode, key this code into the indicated section of the website to complete your registration.

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How Much Support Can They Provide, If Any?

There is a support section in the website of Star-Clicks, which you can go to for queries about the program. They will provide you a support ticket for each query that you submit.

You will first be informed to refer to their FAQ portion before you type in and submit a query  to ensure that your concern is not already answered in the FAQ page and you do not need to unnecessarily wait due to the long queue waiting to be served by their helpdesk team.

It will be a comfort to know that the PTC site also provides good and comprehensive explanation about how Star-Clicks’ system works. You can find this in the ‘How It Works’ section of the website.

You can also find helpful information in the FAQ page where common concerns are clearly addressed. Your dashboard is also another place where you’ll get to learn more about the program.

So, in terms of support, I would rate them well because having a good and efficient support system is proof that the site values user experience.

Recap & Conclusion what is star clicks

You can earn as a member of Star-Clicks by ad-viewing and successful referral, and this makes it a legitimate site.

Like all online offers, there are positive and negative sides to participating in them. With Star-Clicks, there are more negative aspects to joining it with regard to income-earning potential.

As part of this recap and review of Star-Clicks, here is a summary of the positive and the negative aspects of the program.

This chart will provide you an overall perspective of Star-Clicks, as explained.


Legitimate – it does compensate you for completed tasks.

Globally accessible

Provides PayPal Payment Option


       Not many ways to earn

       Payout target is difficult to achieve

       Successful referral is the way to earn substantial income which is not made apparent.

       Some critical details are hidden such as having to pay monthly fees.

       Auto-pay feature is unclear.

To earn via Star-Clicks is rather suspect.

Although ad-viewing is claimed to be the main way to earn, it is having a successful referral strategy is what will enable you to actually earn a decent amount out of this engagement.

Under the free membership, payout is meager because access to ads is very limited and so you need to be good at persuading others to join in order to augment your earnings. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade to a higher membership level which will entail that you pay a monthly fee to sustain it.

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Even with the upgraded membership, just paying off this monthly fee from your earnings is an arduous feat, which would push you to focus your time and effort, instead, on building your referral network.

The unfortunate thing is you only get a one-time commission off of your successful referral. After that, you need to general another successful referral or encourage your current referral to upgrade again. This has to keep going so that you can pay off your monthly fee.

So, it isn’t really simple nor easy to earn money from Star-Clicks as is projected. Just keeping your referrals coming in so that you can maintain your upgraded level every month is way more stressful than just clicking on an ad to boost another’s traffic.

In conclusion, with regard to whether Star-Clicks is worth your investment of time, money, and effort, I would say there are definitely better income-earning opportunities than this online.

There are other legitimate offers out there that can augment your income without you, having to pay for membership or anything of the sort.

In fact, there are websites of this nature that enables you to earn a decent income on a regular basis and with clear guidelines on how to accomplish it.

You’ll discover in the above list that these sites provide you with much better opportunities to earn fair compensation vis-à-vis your investment of time and effort.

The good news is there’s surely a site that you can participate in, regardless of your location in the world. That is, as long as you have online access.

Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are. Should you also have something to share with regard your experience or musing about Star-Clicks, feel free to drop me a few lines and let’s chat.

Also, check out my other blog with free courses about Pinterest and Affiliate marketing.




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